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Breakup DON'TS!

Breakup DON'TS!!

1. Do NOT call your ex!!

We know, it's sooooooo hard! But, it is a must. Pretend to run the conversation through your head before you actually call. What will your ex say? They just broke up with you, so it's not like they are going to be sympathetic. This includes calling your ex at 5 am and pretending to be someone else! We promise, you will feel really dumb afterwards. Show them you don't need them! The best revenge is for you to move on as quickly as possible and show your ex how happy you are without them!

2. Do NOT forget to bathe!

There's nothing worse than a smelly, depressed person. The cleaner you feel on the outside, the better you'll feel on the inside! And please, don't forget to brush!

3. Do NOT lay around!!

Do not just lay around, watch TV, and eat Ben & Jerry's. Get out and run! Or if you don't like running, get out and do something. Ride your bike 24 miles, or walk your dog. And, hey this one has a bonus. You just may end up losing that extra 10 lbs!

4. Do NOT Stalk your ex's New Girlfriend

This is a big no no! Your only going to make things worse by stalking his new chick. Not only that, but it makes you look really pathetic. Although painful, if you do happen to see your ex with a new girl, be mature. Smile at him, be happy, nothing will impress him more!

5. Do NOT pretend!

Don't pretend you've got guys crawling over you when you really don't...TRUST US!!! When you don't expect to attract guys, they want you. Men are simple creatures. So don't try so hard!

6. Do NOT be mean!

Don't plan mean revenge tricks, such as slipping bust enhancer pills in his pain killer medication, or keying their car\truck. This includes spreading any kind of rumors about how small your ex is. Although these may cause a good laugh or two, you may be arrested, or at least you'll feel bad afterwards. And think of how bad you would feel if your ex started doing mean things to you!

7. Do NOT go wild!!

So, you got dumped. No need to act like a moron. You definitely won't feel better when you find out all the stupid things you did the next day from your friends...not to mention the hangover you'll have the next morning. And trust us, this behavior won't help your reputation or help you get your ex back!

8. Do NOT lose your confidence!

If you don't even like yourself, why should anyone else? Get up and look in the mirror! SEE! You're beautiful! Just because some stupid guy didn't see that doesn't mean it isn't true!

Do NOT get a rebound guy/girl!

Although it is hard not be part of a "couple" at first, you should enjoy this free time you have for yourself and make the best of it. Getting involved too quickly after the break up won't allow you to grow or mature as the awesome individual you are. Besides when you're single, you'll be flattered by A LOT more guys than if you were "tied down" Trust us! Check out why being single rocks!