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Ella Pennewell & Julien Vaught Blues

CD now available at
NU REVELATIONS Gospel, Blues & Jazz
10700 Macarthur Blvd. Oakland,  CA.  94603
Phone: (510)632-1670

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Ella Pennewell ] Julien Vaught ]



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1. What'cha Gonna Do With Our Love

2. Let's Dance All Night
3. Sunny (instumental)
4. A Shadow Of A Woman
5. A Mother's Plea
6. CC Rider
7. Free My Child
8. Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean
CD Title
 " That's The Way It is "
1. Ma Ma
2. Dog
3. Midnight Train To Georgia
4.That's The Way It Is
5. That's The Way It Is (Instrumental)
6. Too Much
7. Too Much (Instrumental)
8. I  Love You
9. I Love You (Instrumental)
10. Rock
11. Rock (Instrumental)
12. Without You
13. She Don't Love You
14. Sacrifices 

15. Sacrifices (Instrumental)

    Julien Vaught      Ella Pennewell     



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