I think that Roy Keane is a disgrace to football. I can understand him being upset about not having proper facilities and also no keepers in 5-a-side comatitions they were having. I don't think that is a problem at all. He may have blown it all out of perspective but he is the club captain and has the interests of the team at heart.

What I disagree with is ranting and raving at the manager he can't do anything about it and blowing his top like he did was completley out of order. Well done Mick for sending him home, and well done for proving that you don't need Roy Keane in the side.



Deary me, the Cameroon squad was delayed from leaving paris over Bonuses. This again is a complete disgrace. How much money do the players get paid usually. Im sure what they were offered in the first place was more then enough.

Maybe this is why a Camaroon star decided that he wanted to steal a necklace. Maybe if it was a priceless necklace i could understand but no its valued at 170

What a twat.


England now have a full squad, Sweden await us Sunday, lets hope the boys won't disapoint. The only concern I have is Kieron Dyer. He is yet unproven on the left hand side and yet Sven has decided that he is the man for the Job.

I Hope Sven Picks young Owen Hargreeves ahead of Nicky Butt. Although i am a fan of Nicky Butts Owen Hargreeves has been the suprise package in my views. Everyone knows hes a good player but he proved his versitility In the warm up games, being the start man in both games in the Stephen Gerrard Position.

Sven Pick Owen


What is going on. Senegal who have never played in a world cup before in the entire history of the competition beat the reigning World and European Champions. Not only is this asking question whether the whole world cup slants in favour of an Asian or African team but it reaises a few Questions about France

Many "experts" are questioning whether the French team are a spent force. Some people may blame it on the fact that Zinezine Zidane wasn't playing but I think that in a team like the French team you dont loose beacause of one player. Are Senegal better then first thought, Are France a Spent Force, Is it just a freak upset? Watch this space


After the 5-1 Mauling by England the Germans looked like they were slipping out of the world stage.Many people have written Germany off this world cup saying that "they are a spent force". Although the Performance today wasn't against the toughest of opposition they capatilised on the situation well, Winning Convincingly 8-0

The Germans Started well and capatilised on their obviously supirior physical Strength. The Question has to be asked though, why are teams like Saudi Arabia in the World Cup and Holland aren't, should there be a reshuffle?


England play great football when they are on top of there game spreading the ball out wide or going down the middle its all the same England Rock.

Today Sven was trying to use the Long ball system exploiting the Swedish back line with Englands pace of Vassell and Owen. After about 20 minutes this obviously wasn't working and we were gifting possesion to the Swedes but through a magic David Beckham Corner and the finishing of striker by Sol Campbell England Took the lead. But still though most of the half England were just giving the ball away.

Another point of debate is why Sven keeps insisting on playing Heskey. He is a good player but hes not the greatest I think that Joe Cole should have started on the left using his pace and trickery to get round players. Heskey did play quite well but im suprised he lasted an entire game.

I was also very disapointed to see that paul Scholes didn't ventre out of the England Half much in the game. He is seen as the goal outlet from the midfield

Overall a sloppy game by England 2 points lost when they should have been won.


Rivaldo one of the worlds best players. he gets paid ludacrous amounts of money to entertain the world with his skills. So why does he insist on auditioning for Macbeth on the football field.

When playing against Turkey, in the dying seconds of the match Turkey won a corner, a turkish player kicked the bal at Rivaldo (which the player got sent off for doing). It hit Rivaldo in his legs and he dived on the ground clutching his face in agony. This was obviously an attempt to con the referee and to waste valuable time. Why did he do this, there was barley anytime left on the clock, he didn't do himself any favours what so ever. Rivaldo was fine 4,500 for his attempt to con the referee and rightly so. There is no place in football for that blatent decsiet.


The USA beat portugal 3-2 today (5th June 2002). Portugal being a class act in european football. Reaching the Semi Final of Euro 2000 hopes were high in the portugese camp to go far this year. But with a shocking display of which probably cant be described as football they were beat by an impressive USA team

The game started poorly for the Portugese conceeding a goal after 4 mins.It went from bad to worse and soon they were 3-0 down. This wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't against USA. For a nation so engrossed in "football "where u use ure hands, its not a very impressive show. Not taking anything away from the Americans they but up a great show and get battaling.



Ireland have done it again, they've come from behind to nick a point. This time Mick McCarthys men really deserved that one point. They matched Germany all of the game and some times enjoyed long spells of possesion.

Trouble started on 19 minutes when the rising Star Klose drew first Blood with another headed finish. All the way through the game the Irish Looked spritley and as if they were going to at leat equalise if not win the game. Many chances came and went and the Irish couldn't get that decisive goal. It came to the Second minute of stopage time when Ireland had shown true courage and grit. Robbie Keane Smashing home from big Niaal Quinns Flick on. Well deserved draw for the irish who now have a great chance of quilifying.


No matter how many times you say that it just sounds damn good. Not only does this signal hope for England after there terrible performance against Sweden but it also makes a point to all of the teams in the tournament. It has been said that this world cup has been the most entertaining yet, why is it, Because its so open. The last English Premiership was highly entertaining because it was so open, it is exactly the same situation here. All of the "favourites" have been beaten now.

Italy France and Argentina were all the favourites to lift the trophey at the begging of the competition. But now they all have been beaten and Brizil who weren't given a chance at the begging are now looking strong favourites.


Whats going on. The defending champions are sent crashing out of the world cup. Not only that but they're sent crashing out of the world cup withought even scoring a goal!!! What went wrong. I personally believe it to be the preperation to the world cup. Instead of focusing on the task of trying to get through the group stages the French where thinking about taking the cup home again. Some people have suggested that it is the heat and that the french cant cope I say Bull because there are teams there who come from countries cooler then there own.

Some others have put it down to ZZ not being fit but then again I think that the French have a squad of such ability that they should not depend on any one player. Like i said before i think it was the French Attitude, they went in expecting to breeze through to the final, I can see them simply meeing around in training sessions not actually workind.



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