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Match Report

England looked so promising this world cup and the clash with favourites Brazil was set to be a battle of the titans. The match started brightly with england winning a corner in the first couple of minutes. For most of the first period the brazillians looked shaken and England seemed to be taking control of the game. Although it was pretty obvious that England were going to face some stiff opposition. Rivaldo, Ronaldo and Ronaldihno looked very sprtley up front with Roberto Carlos and cafu supplying some good support on the wings pushing up from full back. England however were the first to draw first blood. Heskey started with a good turn, then tryed to play owen through. However the ball went straight to the Neolithic Lucio who tried to control the ball, the ball hit his thigh and he lost it Owen Pounced on the ball to sprint into the box. The keeper then sold himself very easily and Owen sloted the ball down the middle. Towards the 40 minute Mark brazil were eager to equalise before the interval. David Seamen picked up an injury on his back but was soon on his feet again. Afer soaking up alot of pressure England Broke into the Brazillian half. After loosing the ball, Brazil Broke Ronaldihno picking up the ball and showing good skill to commit the English defence. He spread the ball out to Rivaldo who had pulled away from the defence. It was then a very nice finish to slot the ball past seamen. Going into the interval it was 1-1 England could be happy at how they had played and Brazil could be happy that they had pulled one back.

England Came out of the tunnel, im sure Sven said to his lions that if they played like they did in the first half then they would have a great chance of winning. The second half started much like the same a very competative game although it took a while for Brazil to assert themselves on the game. It was on the 50th Miute When England Conceded a free kick. It was approximatley 35 yrds out if not further. Ronaldihno Stepped up to take the free kick. a long line of brazillian and English players could be found on the edge of the box. David Seamen was trying to sort out the mess of players when Ronaldinho took the free kick David Seamen trying to anticipate the cross came off his line only to find that the ball was coming straight for him. Back peddling Seamen was unable to reach the ball. Whether this was an intended shot or a freak cross it is not clear but the outcome is still the same.

Seven Minutes later however Hero became the villian a rather rash (yet un malicious) challenge by Ronaldinho on Danny Mills meant that he was sent off. It was this Referees 3rd sending off in 4 games and it has to be said that it was very dibatable as to if he was correct in sending him off. Yet again though the putcome was the same Brazil down to 10 men, England had a real chance to capatilise. England did look strong in the last half of the game but they were unable to break the brazillian Defence. Although they looked strong they also looked Poor. The work rate dropped the passing and shooting was poor, and at the same time Brazil were still getting Forward. Ronaldo was substitued and later on so was Michael Owen. Rivaldo was up to his usual antics on the pitch diving around like a pansy.

The Final Whistle Blew and England are out of the world cup. They had a real chance to win it this time round but they were beaten by a better team. A plus point is that the team is young enough to go to Germany in 2006 with a couple of exceptions.

Unlucky Lads and a safe trip home.

Man OF The Match Roberto Carlos