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1-Erick Lonnis (Saprissa) Born: 9.9.65

First choice goalkeeper who won back his place in the latter stages of the qualifying campaign last year after recovering from a serious knee injury which almost ended his career in 1999. Known as a troublemaker in his school-days, he now takes part in projects helping underprivileged children. His father was also a professional goalkeeper.

18-Alvaro Mesen (Alajuelense) Born: 24.12.72
Reserve goalkeeper, he stepped into the fold following Lonnis's injury and kept his place under former coach Gilson Nunes. He lost his place only two games after Guimaraes took over.

23-Lester Morgan (Herediano) Born: 2.5.76
Tried his luck as a sweeper and centre-forward before turning goalkeeper. Morgan has been unlucky with injuries, which have often struck just as his international career seemed set to take off. Had a brief season in Mexico before returning to Costa Rica.

8-Mauricio Solis (Alajuelense) Born: 13.12.72

Defensive midfielder, Solis won back his place in the team during the latter stages of the qualifying competition. Before that, his career had begun to slide after unsuccessful spells with clubs in England, Guatemala and the United States. Has a powerful shot and rarely gets riled.

19-Rodrigo Cordero (Herediano) Born: 4.12.73
Tough-tackling midfielder with enormous energy and determination, he was baptised Rocky by a radio commentator and the name has stuck. A regular early in the qualifiers, he lost his place to Solis towards the end. Began his career at Alajuela.

11-Ronald Gomez (OFI Crete) Born: 24.1.75
Known as the "Bullet" because of his shooting, the powerfully-built attacking midfielder won back his place in the team towards the end of the qualifiers and scored both goals in the win away to Trinidad. Raised at Alajuelense, his career has taken him to Sporting Gijon and Hercules in Spain and now Crete

16-Steven Bryce (Alajuelense) Born: 16.8.77
Attacking midfielder with good pace, he has had more outings since Guimaraes took over. Although he was raised at Saprissa, he now plays for their arch-rivals Alajuelense.

10-Walter Centeno (Saprissa) Born: 6.10.74
Creative midfielder who is in a seemingly endless battle for Wilmer Lopez for the playmaker role. Centeno had the better of the duel at the start and end of the campaign. Raised with second division Goicochea, he also played for Belen before joining Saprissa in 1996.

20-William Sunsing (New England Revolution) Born: 12.5.77 .
Charismatic player whose trickery makes him a crowd favourite, Sunsing's eight appearances in the qualifiers were all as a substitute. Scored his first international goal in the 1-0 win away to Jamaica. Made his name with Herediano before moving to the United States.

6-Wilmer Lopez (Alajuelense) Born: 3.8.71
Gifted midfield maestro with great skill and vision. Lopez, who also reads the game well, lost his place in the team after refusing to go Brazil for a training camp but won it back under Guimaraes. Known as "The Duck", he was raised with Alajuelense, where he has returned after a spell with Carmelita.

13-Daniel Vallejos (Herediano) Born: 27.5.81
Defensive midfielder who played in the World Youth Cup in Argentina last year.

9-Paulo Wanchope (Manchester City) Born: 31.7.76 Caps: 49 Goals: 35.

Lanky but elegant striker who claims he learned many of the skills he employs on the soccer field on the basketball court. Formerly with Derby County and West Ham United, he has repeatedly defied his English clubs to play for his country. Scored eight goals in the qualifiers.

7-Rolando Fonseca (Saprissa) 6.6.74
Costa Rica's record goalscorer, having long overtaken Juan Ullos's total of 27 goals, Fonseca is a free kick specialist and shoots well with both feet. Has played club football in Guatemala, Mexico and Colombia. Can also play in midfield.

12-Winston Parks (Udinese) Born: 12.10.81
Joined Italian club Udinese last year after playing for his country in the World Youth Cup in Argentina. Likely to be used as cover for Wanchope.

17-Hernan Medford (Saprissa) Born: 23.5.68
Hero of the 1990 World Cup when he scored the winner against Sweden to carry his team through to the second round, one of the shocks of the tournament. Mainly used as a substitute now but can still score and hit the winner away to Mexico in the qualifiers.