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Welcome to the appropriately named, "Sick Fish Page". Fish Disease. It is designed for people interested in tropical fish, aquarium set up, aquarium maintenance fish health. Please choose from the menu bar above. Fish Disease. photos or stories submitted section that show-cases YOUR fish stories. Is your beautiful little (or big!) fish sick? Not sure what to do or even what it's got? Click on "Common diseases and Cures" above for colour diagrams as well as symptoms and treatments. Fish Disease. Got a question not answered on the site? Or do you have feed-back? Why not get in contact with the makers by clicking on "Contact Us" above. Fish Disease.

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Fish Disease. Just bought a beautiful new aquarium, a couple of gold fish and all the extras but not sure what goes where and what to do? Fish Disease.Or even for just some extra advice, click on "For Beginners" above.

Fish Disease. Feel like going deep under the ocean for the trip of a life time? Click on "Silly Submarine" above!! What is it? Fish Disease. Dropsy is one of the worse "diseases" a fish can get. In fact, dropsy is not really a disease at all but rather a symptom of a large number of possible problems. Fish Disease. The most common cause of dropsy is an internal bacterial infection, while viruses and poor water quality have also been associated. Fish Disease. The condition affects the fish's internal organs, and as a result they cease to function correctly. Fish Disease. A concentration of fluid in the body tissues and cavities causes the fish's abdomen to become swollen and appear bloated. Symptoms: Fish Disease. Dropsy is fairly easy to diagnose non-specifically, however it is much harder to diagnose the cause. Fish Disease.The fish will appear very bloated, causing the scales to protrude much further than usual which gives the fish a rather distinct "pinecone" appearance. Fish Disease.The fish may also have sunken eyes, act lethargic, hang at the bottom or top of the aquarium, stop feeding and appear off colour. Fish Disease. Cure: Fish Disease. A few over the counter, commercial treatments have been developed for dropsy, however these are only sometimes successful in curing the fish. Fish Disease. They work best in the very early stages of dropsy. Fish Disease. Antibiotics from your vet may also help, but once again they work best if given to the fish in the early stages. Fish Disease. Antibiotics are in the majority of cases the best course of action. Fish Disease. A more hands on approach is to raise the aquariums temperature slightly ( a few degrees higher then usual) and add Epsom salts to the water at a rate of 20 mg/L. Fish Disease. Often when the diagnosis is made it is too late to save the fish. Fish Disease. Symptoms can be moderate and when they do become severe the damage already done to the internal organs is too large for successful treatment. Fish Disease. Thankfully dropsy is not very contagious, however if a fish dies of dropsy it is best to remove it from the aquarium as soon as possible. Fish Disease. Remember, water quality is always extremely important- so always check that first as it is often the cause of disease aquarium fish. Fish Disease. When treating sick fish, try to put the least amount of stress on them as possible, as stress will hinder the heeling process. Fish Disease. that generally, a healthy fish is a happy fish. Fish Disease. Story of a Black Moor. Eek, you'll never guess what happened today! Fish Disease. I have small gravel in my tank and the goldfish always suck it up and spit it out. Fish Disease. My bigger black moor did this today and then when it went to spit it out it got stuck! rock out himself. Argh. Fish Disease. ...My comet does this often, net, pick him drops the rock. Fish Disease. Not so with my black moor. physically push rock out, carefully removed tweezers. Fish Disease. It was quite the task. He lost a bit of his slime coating, but I am going to buy something for that tomorrow, I'd say. Fish Disease.(Salt and/or stresszyme). Fish keeping is expensive, hey. =)Fish Disease. new aquarium working on lately. imported guppies in it, all of which settled in quite happily in just a few minutes. I also have a large snail who right at the moment seems to be creating an egg-sack. Fish Disease. small aquarium, holds approx 20L, however good price at only $20 from K-mart! Fish Disease. Else same size and interest value the asking $30.

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Fish Disease. nice plants front fairly-common Gold Rush grass which $5 a bunch. guppies appear taste plant, have started tugging and pulling at it already! Dropsy, ich, swim bladder problems, tail, fin or mouth rot, fungus, poisoning. Fish disease. Goldfish. Guppies. Aquarium, fish tank, fish types, color diagrams. Fish disaese. Aquatic Plants. Fish disease. Common Fish Disease and treatmentContact Us about fish diseaseFor Beginners who want information about fish disease. Links about fish disease diagnosisFish TypesSubmitted section about fish diseases Silly Submarine Fish DiseaseMy Aquariums Fish Disease and treatmentHome to fish diseaseHomebuyers HotlineGreat Australian Bead shop, selling gemstone, semi-precious, mother of pearl, freshwater pearls fish disease, treatments, diagnosis, sick fish disease. fish disease