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Rainbows in the mind are beautiful things;
they shine and illuminate our thoughts to the highest degree.

Thoughts of rainbow colours can help us through the day:

Pink for love,
Blue for spirituality,
Green for peace,
Red for passion,
Yellow for knowledge,
Orange for the joy of life.

With this rainbow of the mind, I can accomplish many things:
I can think and love and learn and worship,
Heal and comfort and bring joy to many.

There is nothing beyond my scope with all the help the rainbow gives.

This is my Divine Soul's promise to me.

A rainbow sparkling in the rain, showing me the light and sun
beginning to come into play.
The rainbow of promise of all manner of help
In every area of my life.
I wear this rainbow around my shoulders at all times.
It encloses me in its protective rays, illuminating my mind and my way and my soul.
Helping me to see more clearly,
to be uplifted with the glow of the Divine miracle of promise.

I will never despair, the rainbow is there at the end of the rain,
It is always there.
Sometimes I cannot see it, but it is always there -
Just waiting for me to really look, to really try to see its glorious colours.

I'll use a rainbow every day - everything is at my command;
love, joy, healing and comfort.

The ultimate Divine gave me life and gave me colour -
Flowers, butterflies, green fields and lakes,
Skies of blue, moonlit nights...
And endless rainbows
in the tiniest drop of dew
To the endless arch across the sky.

(This is a poem I have had for many, many years ... I have no idea where it came from, nor who wrote the original version .... I have changed a few words and added some of my own. It is now yours to keep and use ... let it remind you that we are all Divine Beings even when we rush through the frantic pace of life ... even in the depths of our saddest despair ... remember the Rainbow.)


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