The Little Web Site Of Dieting Tips

The Little Web Site Of Dieting Tips

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By Daniel C. Lukens
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Much of what is written in the following pages have been taken throughout my endless pursuits upon searching for the unequivocal diet and for the unequivocal methods. From perusing towering stacks of books to scouring the Internet at all hours of the night and into the morning; from the long talks with colleagues and family who supported me in my seemingly impossible dreams; and, of course, from my own meandering, and sometimes, nonsensical, existence upon this terrain— all these things have helped to shape these pages in some way. Whether it is with a simple, but all-the-same witty quip; or a quotation of sheer thought-provoking genius that made me ponder all that I had previously lived for; this book encompasses my struggles, sorrows, doubts, and desires. Its contents have made me who I am, and have brought my reveries into reality. If this web site, or rather, collection of advice, does not help you to achieve your own goals, please still remember to strive for the stars no matter how far away they may seem, because they might just be starring back at you, hoping for their own chance to be free. When you look up into the moonlit skies hoping for freedom, but find it covered in clouds, remember that the stars are still there—just hidden. You, and every other person reading this book, is like that sky: no matter what your outside looks like, there is still a bright, fiery star on the inside. You are a star.

		Never give up and don’t ever have any regrets. 

                You are beautiful.

		Exercise. Thirty minutes a day is fine, but you must do it every day. 

		Smile. This will make people like you no matter what.

		Smile. This will make you like yourself no matter what.

                ‘No pain, no gain’ is not always true. If it is too strenuous you may always
                dread doing it, and therefore put it off until you finally give it up entirely.
                 You determine your worth—nobody else does.

                 Everybody is just trying to do the best they can with what the have. Just do 
                 your own best.

                 Set feasible goals. Don’t overreach. Overreaching will only get you 
                 disappointed in the end.  

ADVICE #10:	
	         Dieting is hard—reward yourself often.

ADVICE #11:	
                 Eat smaller meals, but more of them. 

ADVICE #12:	
	         Eat smarter, not smaller.

	         Class II Diabetes kills a whole more  people a year then you think.

ADVICE #14:	
		Never dine out; you’ll always end up with more calories then had been intended.

ADVICE #15:	
                Fad diets go out of style quickly. The weight you lose comes back quicker.
ADVICE #16:	
		If you don’t want to diet, become a body-builder. Muscle burns calories.

ADVICE #17:	
		Diet for yourself, not for anyone else.

ADVICE #18:	
                Find our what’s eating you. If you begin a diet but never solve your 
                underlying problems, the weight won’t stay off very long.
ADVICE #19:	
                You don’t have to join ‘Weight Watchers’, but you should have friends who will
                encourage you and give you the emotional strength that you need.

ADVICE #20:	
                Things are not always as they seem. Meals are getting larger, but the serving
                sizes are not. An average meal can easily equal two or three dietary portions.
ADVICE #21:	
                Losing fifteen pounds in two weeks is excellent; losing thirty pounds in four
                weeks is scary. Don’t overdo it.

ADVICE #22:	
	        Savor food as you would a sunset. 

ADVICE #23:	
                Eat more, but eat less. Eat things that are bulky and full of fiber, but 
                lacking in calories.

ADVICE #24:	
		Talk to your physician, they want to feel needed too.

 	        If you get off the proverbial dietary wagon, there will always be another
                wagon waiting for you the next day.

The proceeding hints, tricks, and tips have helped me to become what I am today. Now I am passing these bits of wisdom upon to you so that your lives may become better and fuller and richer. Promise me, though, that you will never stop starring up at the sky though—sometimes it’s all we have.
                           And That's The Tooth!
                                      DANIEL C. LUKENS
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