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Tel:- 0781 111 6097

This Corby badminton club was founded in January 1992 and aims to create a pleasant social atmosphere.

We welcome players of all abilities but the club has no facilities for complete beginners. Minimum age is 16.

We meet at Lodge Park Sports Centre, Shetland Way, Corby 7-9pm Mondays and 8-10pm Fridays.

Mondays all four courts are used most of the year with a typical attendance of 27 people. With 15 people typically on Fridays only two courts are used but a third or fourth are opened if needed.

Our game selection method ensures no one is left out and promotes mixing of weaker and stronger players but still allows limited personal preference. This has been found to bring the standard of everyone to a reasonable level over a short period of time.

The club has been fortunate in always having about equal numbers of male and female participants. We play mixed or single sex doubles never singles games.

Cork based plastic shuttles are used to help keep costs down.

Visitors pay 5 per evening. Membership is achieved by paying quarterly in advance. 30 for either Mondays or Fridays only. Membership of both sessions is discounted by 4 producing an equivalent nightly rate of just 2-15. The club can usually offer under 18 year olds still at school membership for each evening at 18 per quarter (36 both) or paying 5 per evening as a visitor.

You are welcome to turn up and sample one evening with us but the club is popular and so from time to time has to operate a waiting list system for regular attendance particularly on Mondays.

Information updated Jan2019