Vinny Cervoni
Lead Guitar and Vocals

Vinny began playing guitar as a young teen in the early eighties. It wasn’t long before the blues called to him, took up a large space in his style, and occupied a big place in his heart. He has played in several local bands in the area and still makes time for a wide variety of cover music in the local party band, Shakin’ Not Stirred.

Vinny is the founder of Bluzberry Pi, having started the band on its search in the mid nineties. He has taken the Pi from blues and roots rock covers to an entire set of his own blues and blues infused roots tunes.

Vinny’s tone is crafted using a variety of Strats, Guilds and his ES-335. His signal is lightly and selectively seasoned by a variety of stomp boxes on its way to its final destination; the tube amp of choice. Depending upon the venue size, either, his 30 watt or 50 watt RC Davis Amplifier will carry his tone for the night.

“Mark Twain once said, ‘Music is a salve for the wounds of the soul.’ Of all musical salves, the blues is the greatest healer.”

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