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KEB is a new group with a rap/blues sound. The dynamic dudes that make up this music sensation are available for gigs; just e-mail them at e-mail at the bottom of the page. This page is under major construction. Eventually it will be a cool page.

This is what Craig-o-Matic 2600 (the drummer) has to say about the band, "KEB is a "semi-alternative/rock/jazz/punk (except not really)" band from Peoria, IL."

KEB started out as an idea conceived by someone who thought it would be cool for a band to play at this one guy's party on New Year's Eve last year (1999, that is). Originally, The KEB was a five piece with a keyboard, bass, 2 guitars, and a drum set, but in all honesty it didn't work out as well as we would have envisioned. At that point, though, the KEB was a diverse cover band playing the likes of DEVO, Nirvana, and Silverchair. But now, in the three piece conception, we mostly play our own songs, even though only a few exist at the moment: like the one that goes "da da, da da da da" and "Funky Funky Dawg," and of course the smash-hit rock-love ballad, "Angie Kaiser."

Hopefully the band will have a bright future ahead of that involves many women and lots of money...that we will use towards the betterment of all humanity, or something.

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