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4 Ever My Angel Introduction


First, I would like to thank a very dear friend of mine Patricia Powell founder of "Treasured Thoughts". She has done so much with all the memories she had with her brother Victor, put them down on paper, started this site with a letter, then a poem, the rest is history.

After I lost my son Lee, in August 14/2000 it took a very long time before I would even look at myself in the mirror let alone converse with other people.

After going through the extreme pain/heartache, shock, denial, anger, guilt, and for sure loneliness which I still feel and always will. I knew in some way I had to carry on.

Slowly in time I was introduced to many different sites,that dealt with losing a child.I really didn't know what to expect and I often use to say to my husband, family and friends what are these people going to do for me. They said give it a try. From my therapist I was seeing at the time put me in touch with one group from there I found another, and another.

I myself have multiple sclerosis, and only have the use of my left side which means only my left hand works. It is difficult and very frustrating but with help from my husband and daughter going to a special school, I found myself in front of the computer.

After time I saw so many beautiful sites that were dedicated to children that had been called home to HEAVEN I knew I had to do one for my son. I contacted one site that I had been intouch with before, from there things started rolling. With a lot of help from my daughter, in no time my site was up.

Since then I have met so many wonderful people with heart breaking stories, and it made me realize that I wasn't the only person going through this. After time people don't want to forget but they think it best if they move on that's fine, other's, like myself feel better and that much closer to my son in every way talking and doing things about him.

In Lee's younger years he was treated quite badly by his biological father. As Lee grew older he always kept this vision of his father in the back of his mind. Some how, things that happened in his life would relate back to his younger years. Through this at times he became angry, depressed and suicidal. After he was diagnosed with cancer March 1999, his life changed dramatically as so did all our lives. Late 1999 things got a little better. The doctor's told us though to watch for signs, as this is the time when individuals sometimes start putting their lives in order, for better or for worse. For Lee it was worse. February 15/2000 he tried to take his own life. I do believe GOD was watching over him, he was saved. Almost a year to the date he was first diagnosed with cancer it returned but this time with vengeance, he didn't stand a chance.

For those who have known me in the past year with going to my first site will know how talented my son was. He was becoming an artist. I know this is one thing he wanted to do and that was to display his work on the www.

After surfing around I found my way to Treasured Thoughts. It wasn't long before Patricia Powell and myself connected, with out ever knowing or seeing each other we have become very good friends. So good that after talking by e-mail about Lee and his drawings she offered to help, or should I say take over the whole project.

In the time I have known Patricia, I am always at her site, she is always up grading, changing things. I started sending poetry, some that had been given to me after my son passed away, some I have written on special days for My Guardian Angel. Patricia made me a special page just for my poetry, with room for a few photo's of my son.

I am hoping, that when this site is completely finished. Not only will many visitors stop by to see how talented and gifted my son was. but by doing this you will be able to see how I am keeping his memory alive, and how proud of him I am.

At this time I want to thank Patricia for having Faith and Believing in me for all the things I have said to let her know how special she is to me. And how grateful I am for what she has done.

Thank you again Patricia. For those who have not visited her site please stop by and say hello. "Treasured Toughts".


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OCTOBER 17, 1974 - AUGUST 14, 2000

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