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A definite life chronicle beyond the mundane, as a grounded gypsy has a whole new adventure with cancer battles and such.


Forgotting Things


Have you forgotten about this?  I can't remember what was going on when you started or when you stopped but I know would have a hard time doing it now.  I was going to start mine again.  Let me know if you find it.


long time gone

Good grief - two years later -and one day after my birthday...I re-enter the world of putting my thoughts - my "me" just out there. I started this when I had cancer, since then have lost the most important thing to me - and I stand still. (Cancer was a hell of a lot easier than losing daddy!)

So, while I'm frightfully out of practice in writing for the masses, or the three people in their basement who are surrounded by conspiracy theories and area 51 memorabilia, suffice it to say...that I'm beginning again.

long time gone

Good grief - two years later -and one day after my birthday...I re-enter the world of putting my thoughts - my "me" just out there. I started this when I had cancer, since then have lost the most important thing to me - and I stand still. (Cancer was a hell of a lot easier than losing daddy!)

So, while I'm frightfully out of practice in writing for the masses, or the three people in their basement who are surrounded by conspiracy theories and area 51 memorabilia, suffice it to say...that I'm beginning again.


El planear vagar otra vez

I'm planning to roam again - this time to Mexico, Tiajauna. In july with Fellowship's youth group. This alone is TOTALLY the Holy Spirit wrangling, as I never come up with "Mexico" when it comes to "where can I go to help Jesus do stuff?" and I've not done anything with our youth group - odd as that's ALL I do is "youth things." So it's easy to see how this is not just one of those ME things - I have way too many of those anyway!!!

Sidebar - as I type this -Kaa is just OH SO adorable - he's curled up in his den (which for visual purposes, is a large plastic plant base, flipped upside down with a sqare cut out of the side to make a mouth of the cave)...anyway- his little head is propped up on his body and it's just peeking out of the den - too cute. Yes, for all you non-snake people, I'm odd - accept it.

So this trip truly is going to be exciting - I get more and more excited every time we meet. We'll be at the dump site -mostly with children, doing "vacation Bible school" type of activities - with games, crafts, drama, music and a Bible story. We learned, as a group, to sing, "I've got the joy, joy, joy , joy...down in my heart (donde?) this week - and I truly think, if I would take every kid song I know, every Broadway musical and every Disney record I grew up with, and got the spanish translation, I would learn Spanish pretty quickly!

But, I won't ponder tooo much into the future - in the TODAY - there's still school, although the seniors are more or less gone, just in and out to turn things in - and of course I'll be crashing the senior breakfast on Thursday to see their slide show (and to lift a biscuit or two).

YL - the TRASH DASH is this Saturday (as is every other event known to mankind) - it'll be a proverbial HOOT. To raise money for camp - the kids (ugh! and I HATE using that word) collect sponsors per bag, who will donate so much money (probably not more than 1 or 2$) per bag. Then we'll all go out to some nasty location and pick up trash. They can't claim more than 10 bags, even if they get more - but hey - 20 sponsors at 2$ a bag - that's all the 400 they need for camp.

Then of course at the end of next week (once I figure out if I really do have inservice or not) is WINDY GAP. And this is where I say "thank you Jesus" indeed - it's been since Nov of 2003 since I got to go to any kind of camp and I'm grateful and NOT taking it for granted.

Wow - it's amazing how much I can come up with when I'm not swamped wtih play practice or Lowe's runs - after every show, I think about petitioning them to change the name to "Erin's" or at least let me be the spokeschick - kind of like what Ty Pennington does for Sears.

One last thing, then I'll go check on whatever it is I'm cooking for supper (goodness, but I miss Stacie, who cooked!) - I learned how to CHANGE MY OIL today - Nathan is QUITE multi-talented, and like me, has a father who raised him around that kind of thing - unlike me - he paid attention!!



He suffered thermal burn on half his body - sigh. But he's MUCH better now - he had been in shed mode when I left for London. When he gets like that, I don't pick him up. He was still shedding when I returned. (It figures into play that during my last move, his habitat thermometer went missing, and I never replaced it). So, I still didn't pick him up - by the time I DID, half his body was badly burnt on the underside - old heating pad is my best guess - sad face. I'm only glad I caught it when I did. So I go into complete PANIC mode, only to discover at 1AM, there are no emergency exotic vets on duty in Knoxville. So I had to wait a day - took him to UT Vet school - and they are FANTASTIC. Long story short - he's better - on antibiotic -to which I have to take him in every three days, since I can't hold him and give a shot at the same time. Ironic though, is the fact that they gave me silvadene for him - the EXACT same ointment that they gave me for my radiation burn. Right now, he's out basking next to his water bowl - and looking oh-so cute!!!


Closing show

To come full cause to dance and laugh and be thankful and clap my hands with grateful glee to mighty God. I am allowed now to use the "remission" word, and what a difference a year makes. A year ago - I could not finish out my theatre season, as I was starting chemo. A year ago, I had just been diagnosed and I went, albeit a bit shaky, to prom. Now, I just closed out our season with the BEST play I've seen them do - "Hay Fever" by Noel Coward - BRILLIANT! The fun part, of course, is that almost everyone I mentioned this to in London, was familiar with this play, and were impressed (even if slightly) that my Vagabonds were doing it. They worked hard and impressed me mightily.

As far as prom - let's face it, as grown-up girls - we don't get to dress up that much - so for me, getting a once a year, "glam it up" opportunity, is a perk! Jeremy was my escort - we had PLANNED to go on the motorcycle - the weather did not want to comply - no matter - we had a MARVELOUS time.

Yes, I've been horribly lazy about blogging - until last week, I'd been tied up with the show. Now I have a sick python (totally my fault - sigh), but he's MUCH better - poor darling - he's got to go in to the vet every three days for antibiotic shots. I'd give them myself, but I can't manage him and the shots - and the only person I know who COULD manage him while I did the shot, is defending our country most fabulously right now.


A Gypsy Once More

It's the most idiotic understatement to say that London was bloody marvelous!!! I missed some of you - didn't think about most of you (hehehe)!! I always feel that Europe is my second (and perhaps future) home anyway. We arrived and hit the ground running - it was a bright and gorgeous day - atypical for London in April. We checked in to our hostel and set off for Hyde Park. On Sundays, it's a free for all, frisbee, football, runners, people all about on blankets, talking, favourite were the archers that were practicing. Walked ALL about, met some intriguing people from all over. Went to shows, haunted the theatre district... and I struggle to capture this well in words - my apologies - you need to go for yourself!! (grin). Bottom line - I'm not finished with my wanderings by a long shot.



24 hours from now - I'll be flying over the Atlantic somewhere on a plane bound for London!!! Good times indeed - land of C.S. Lewis, Shakespeare, Coward, Harry Potter, Arturius, Maggie Smith, scones...and, well you get the point. It's been almost two years since I've been to my beloved Europe, much much longer since London. I've got a tentative list, and tis mostly theatrical - shows, the Globe, the theatre museum....however, our hostel is somewhat near the Russian federation, and I seem to be destined to meet a "Sergei" EVERYWHERE I there it is.

Had "family time" with Gigi, Jeremy, and Travis tonight - SOOOOO good to be back in a routine at El Charro's.

The whole military law brouhaha at school the past few days has actually been QUITE enjoyable - we have the force to back the rules for ONCE, so seemingly little things like tardies and not loitering and hall passes - things that get overlooked, are actually being enforced and I love it. Three of my new friends include, Copper, Niko and Kilo - from the K9's (Is kilo just the coolest name for a drug dog???)

Alecia's got a stellar prom date and I'm thrilled that she'll really get to enjoy her senior prom!!! She DID get into Boston U. Now we trust that the Lord will provide her a way to go.

Yellow or just BAD journalism took a whole new meaning for me the past few days - it's like the former staff of "The Enquirer" or "Weekly World News" decided to all go and work in Blount County at the same time, be it for print or media - sigh - I've never read such drivel and just out and out fabrication. It's made me rethink EVERYTHING I read in America - from the shooting up on Ojibwe land, to the Petersen case. Since the media was inane enough to contribute to what didn't have to escalate to major - our numbers were staggeringly small today. Jackson and I even ended up combining our classes for 2nd. However, it was a highly enjoyable day - I had a subtle teaching day of combining acting with politics (albeit, it's ALL the same!) and threw a West Wing marathon, as season 4 came out Friday.

So, until I get on the net again - TA!


Tales from the Theatre

Or to be more appropriately titled, "Heigh-ho the glamourous life!" I've had a play come and go, and am three weeks out from the next one, and just (here at the "what in the world?" hour of 6:30 AM) thought I'd take a minute to convey some amusing little anecdotes from the theatre. Me, being me, and not telling stories well, this will probably only amuse ME, as more than half my life is a, "You had to be there," moment.

For the recent, "Radio TBS" , in the second act, the story line revolves around a drive-by nativity scene that the residents of the 'Luna Del Mar' trailer park are producing. (And I use the word 'producing' here, loosely) There's a scene where Pauline is frustrated with being the wise-man who offers up myrrh, not knowing exactly what myrrh really is (does anyone really?) and not seeing the pracitcality of such gift to bring to a "baby shower." Therefore at one point, as the other "wiseman" (yes, there were two for this scene, the Bible never says ANYTHING about the number of the magi) offers up GOLD!, FRANKENSCENCE!, instead of offering up MYRHH, she scratches around and finds a pot (A pot, not pot) and offers up, triumphantly, POTTERY!!!! (Bet all of you who missed the show feel bad about it now - I havent even gotten to the part of, "I'm an independent sheep, I don't NEED 'tendin'"). I said all that to tell THIS: On night two, backstage, pre-show, said pottery was broken by an actress who shall remain anonymous, by exclaiming, "See, it's just plastic" and proceded to thunk it against a wall, to which it did break!! The best part of this, and the part I like because it was handled BEAUTIFULLY by my tech-goddesses WITHOUT me having to make any decisions, was that they scrambled to find a replacement, to no avail. All I was told via headset was, "Housam, we've got it covered." Music to my ears!! So, by the time we reach said scene, I'd forgotten all about it, as I was busy managing light cues and sound cues and quite honestly, doing medicore at best. I see "Alvin" proclaim GOLD! FRANKENSCENCE! and then "Pauline" scratches around and produces TUPPERWARE. I was thrilled.

The first act revolves around a radio talk show (hence the name of the play) that takes place in the trailer park club house. Part of the show revolves around on-air commercials, one being for "Luna Del Mar's Monkey Emporium" . This causing much glee for the set designer, oh wait, that's me, as I found a few monkeys to put up in our HORRIBLY tacky fake palm trees - which DID NOT match - hehehehe. At one point, "Virgil" moved a long-tailed stuffed monkey from the tree to the table and plays with it, hanging it by the tail from his microphone. The table for the broadcast was up on a platform, so when the monkey inevetibley falls to the ground and was virutally irretrievable, it's quite obvious. I could not resist whispering over the headsets to my crew in what I'm sure was a bad Scottish accent, "We've got a monkey down!!!" (Which will only be funny to people who've seen, 'So I Married an Axe Murderer.")

And finally, lesson learned from last minute set-dressers - Hay is slippery on wooden floors/platforms!!! We didn't set the hay until the DAY of performance, due to our general laziness about not wanting to clean it up for mere rehearsals, as just having it up there plays hell with everyone's allergies, but I was going to have real hay, as I gave in on not having a live-baby cow up on stage. (sigh) My tech goddesses are both very tall, willowy, lithe girls that move quickly and with grace, UNTIL they are trying to accomplish a rapid set change in dim lights with hay that they have never moved on before. HIGHLY FUNNY from my vantage in the crow's nest, not to mention the , Housam, I almost got killed!" exclamatories I heard on the headset. No actors or crew were harmed in the Vagabond Players production of Radio TBS.

I would LOVE to go into "Hay Fever" stories, as that is our next gem. (To be performed April 27th and 29th.) However, due to recent events, I'm hauling to school early. I'm sure I'll write about it myself sometime, however, this story has not played itself out yet, so you can just read what happened yesterday.

Leaving for LONDON in two days!!! WOOOOOOOOO



...was the artisan who created eggs for the royal houses of Russia. Easter is one of the most celebrated holidays in Russia....and that's enough of "Discovery Channel Easter."

It was noted upon this morning in church that we are a pastel nation - and, in the Southland, it's quite true. Men who are usually in jeans and "man colors" allowed their wives to adorn them with madras and all sorts of shades of pinks, lavenders and baby blues. I find the whole thing amusing, when I think to pay attention to my surroundings and step out of my culture enough to be able to make fun of it and not take it OR MYSELF so seriously!!!! This goes hand in hand with the whole mentality of , "A Southern Woman Buys an Easter Dress." Sigh. This is an event of my heritage that I've put blinders on for the past few years, and maybe it's all women, maybe it's me - but Easter is like my "prom" with the exception of a couple of years here and there, I can pretty much tell you what I wore for every Easter. What's REALLY funny is that in one of my Bibles (the church "pocket" one), I have this pic from Easter of 80 or 81, of Daddy and I standing outside the FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH. (The First Baptist anything is also a Southern memory of childhood for most of us.) I remember I had rolled my hair into those HORRID sponge rollers the night before for the curly look, and as I came upon it this morning, I muffled a giggle, passed it to Gretchen and said, "Oh look, I have the same hair!" Indeed I do.
The whole circus of trying to acquire an easter "ensemble" is QUITE trying. For starters, they really don't make "dresses" anymore - much. Skirt and twinset combos and all sorts of things if you want to look like one of those prostitues that hung out outside the temple from the OT (not to be confused with the OC). Not to keep the masses in suspense (like anyone really cares what I ended up wearing for Easter Sunday) I ended up with one of those 50's looking skirts, pleated, below the knee, which i wore with a cardigan AND pearls. It was totally a "Phooey, I burned the darned pot roast, now lets get the kids in the mini-van, " moment.
All THAT to say - that HE IS RISEN INDEED and happy easter to all!! Note to Shelly: can't wait to see pics of your kids in Easter regalia - it's like the Muppet Babies do Easter!


On with the show

And it's a marvelously busy life I lead sometimes, and yes, I'm home more than I was a year ago and much much less than I was six months ago - when I AM home, blogging is the last thing that come to mind. And as I'm in the middle of bills and chores, this will be horribly uneventful and blah. So sorry. Had a radiologist follow-up appt on Friday - that went well. I'm getting more and more energy and am back to more or less normal - and there' s much rejoicing and thankfulness for that!

Have a show opening Thursday afternoon - will run Friday and Saturday night - and it's a full circle - pyschologically, if nothing else...since the last two shows I started last spring, I didn't get to finish and there was one that happened last fall that I had nothing to do with whatsover - so this week - brings it all round again!!

And this cast and crew are just tremendous - beyond dutiful and working hard - there's not been any "diva-lazies" or the usual backstage catfights or any over amount of gossip - and they work so very hard and are oh-so-very brilliant!! So, yes, I'm run a little ragged this week - but it's all worth it.

Can't promise I'll be better about blogging anytime before the end of April - but I'll try!