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K-1 MAX event reports 2003

Note: Like external links at some other spots in this site, these ones are old. I'm sure some don't work.

K-1 Max Superfights(nov/18/2004)- So finally, I get to see this event, something like 3 months after it happens(K-1/ESPN conspiracy). Not much to say that has not been said all ready some where else. We knew the planned outcome of Kohi's and Masato's matches long before they actually happened, but did they have to pick such sketchy opponents(A boxer who was not prepared for leg kicks and some outdated Bruce Lee inspired 70s kickboxer)? The best match by far was the Kraus-Sudo match. Dude, Sudo got good. He was setting up some of his spin back fists like Andy Hug did. Most impressive monkey man. I'm not sure why but he's not in the J max this year which happens in a day. Hmm hopefully I'll see that soon.

K-1 World Max (jul/05/2003)- So this is the big middleweight kickboxing tournament of the year. In it were at least four worth while matches but unfortunately there were also some uggh. The first uggh occurred in the first match. Mike Zambidis performed very well, laying heavy leather on Masato the entire match. You may have to watch and judge for yourself, but in my opinion, Mike Zambidis soundly defeated Masato. Masato was awarded the split decision. (Hmm, japanese judges in Japan,judging a japanese fighter: could there be bias?) Anyway, the next match showed why you only hear of mma fighters coming out of Brazil: their kickboxers suck. It was a very ugly match and somehow the guy from Thailand didnít perform well either (don't they breath kickboxing over there?). That was another uggh (could the K-1 people be purposely picking weak opponents for their japanese kickboxers?) Duane Ludwig cleanly knocked out Kozo in the third match, (despite his lack of looking all buff ) and Albert Krauss beat Andy in the final preliminary match. From there I think itís what youíd expect; Masato and Albert Krauss past the semifinals and Masato won the tournament overall. Read all about it here. Just kidding. Try SFUK instead.

UFC 42 (apr/25/2003)- Not that we follow mixed martial arts or anything but Duane Ludwig won by decision against Genki Sudo. The result was controversial though. What does Chris Colderley say?

K-1 J-max (mar/01/2003)- Masato won this tournament, qualifying himself to the world max, and Kozo came in second, so we might see him in the world max too. Last years secound place winner of the j max, Kohi, was eliminated in his first fight; and Albert Kraus, the winner of last years world max, was knocked out by Mike Zambedis in a superfight before the final match(we did not see that though). It was a neat tournament, but don't take my word for it.


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