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Friday, 26 September 2003

Days Missing

Mood:  rushed
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Been way too lazy about blogging this week.
Tuesday was stressed at work till about 9pm, got home and split up with girlfriend - had way too few braincells left functioning to paraphrase that in any polite sense afterwards, so left it.
Thursday I went out to a pub in Balham to watch some liquid laughter-aerobatics, and drink way too much. For some reason, I thought the last tube home wasn't that important, and thanks to Tristan's superior taxi-directing skills, ended up back here at 1am, trying to sober up enough to focus on the two scenes of Coriolanus I had to read for Friday morning's 5.30 start (yes, really! Got to stop thinking about work constantly, it's becoming deeply sad).
Eventually I woke up in a foetal position slumped and drooling over the damn scenes at around 4.30 this morning, and realised that I was never going to sober up enough to drive within the space of one hour, so called in a sickie today.
It took me two hours to write the bloody fax necessary for [wankers I work with] to [disregard] the work that they'll [try to avoid doing] for me; at this point the hammering behind my eyes was matched by the concrete drills of the builders who've spent the last year and a half doing up the house opposite. Oh joy. Still, ex-DH has spotted them mostly playing footie inside the house rather than working, so maybe the day will be mostly tea-break and I'll get some kip.

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Updated: Friday, 26 September 2003 1:06 PM BST
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Friday, 26 September 2003 - 3:06 PM BST

Name: Sie

1. Hope you're okay in regards to the developments on Tuesday.
2. Do you usually hold ull meetings in puddles of vomit?
3. Did that woman do her naked forfeit?
4. Is anyone going to review my MP3?
5. I don't feel very well.
6. Everything's going to be just fine because The Doctor is returning.


Friday, 26 September 2003 - 3:47 PM BST

Name: Vanessa

Sie! You made my day - you *do* still read stuff!

I blogged what happened on Tuesday because it was starting to seem a little stupid that I'm willing to say so by phone, text or in person, but @#%$! about with tangential posts about stalkers on here, in an effort not to annoy someone who's just decided to cut all ties. So it goes. It's a bit @#%$!, but it wasn't a surprise exactly.

Yes, ull meetings always have puddles of vomit. They are far more blokey affairs than fuktvbb meetings, which tend to involve more dancing, sex and women, generally. (I'm told)

I don't know if the strange woman did the naked forfeit - she said she was going to prance into the Jeremy Bentham nude on Thursday night, for folks who don't read ull - I only recommended that pub because it's very quiet, characterless and po-faced, and the landlady barred Martin. It was the pub I used to avoid when I went to uni across the road. Maybe Martin knows? Oh no, he was in Balham, staying away from the vomitarium.

I just logged on here after emailing myself a list of mp3's to download and review - might as well make some use of the sickie - yours is the seventh. So I should manage to do it by tonight. Sorry!

You need prescription drugs for illness. They always work faster than self-pity, although without such a kick.

Friday, 26 September 2003 - 5:25 PM BST

Name: Sie

I am reading (stalking?) as much as I can and hopefully will reply to any outstanding thingies in the next few days, speshully the last one regarding F.A.T and the gang, a topic close to my heart! Between feeling like crap and spending waay too much time burning VCDs and SVCDs of all my downloaded goodies from t'internet I really do get sidetracked. I am attempting to solve this problem by locating both of my computers together but my old Mac doesn't really have any great usenet software available for it, nothing as good as Xnews anyway, so I just end up browsing with it.

I think many could possibly think of my MP3 as a safe choice therefore it may bore some. Do tell me if you find it to be so.

I have many differing prescriptions unfortunately nothing helps very much if you can't get a basic diagnosis but enough of such matters. Why am I writing this all on a publically accessible website? Why have I forgotten how to spell? Why, why, why...Delilah? Oh, did you know The Doctor is coming back?!

Friday, 26 September 2003 - 6:22 PM BST

Name: Vanessa

FAT and the gang? You lost me there!

Friday, 26 September 2003 - 6:25 PM BST

Name: Sie

Frederick Algernon Trotteville. :-)

Friday, 26 September 2003 - 6:32 PM BST

Name: Vanessa

Oh good lord, I do feel ashamed, now. How could I forget?

Have you ever read a series of spoof lesbian Nancy Drew mysteries, called Nancy Clue and the Hardly Boys? Very similar, but with occasional unintentional groping.

Friday, 26 September 2003 - 7:13 PM BST

Name: yidaho

Ewwwwwww! Did he just notice his socks?

Friday, 26 September 2003 - 7:50 PM BST

Name: Vanessa

His hose. Filled with vom, presumably.

Oh dear. It worked inside my head!

(hey, you commented! no longer a comments virgin..!)

Friday, 26 September 2003 - 8:19 PM BST

Name: yidaho

Was it my first? Perhaps I couldn't be arsed running my comments through the grammar checker before now.. ;)

Friday, 26 September 2003 - 10:39 PM BST

Name: Vanessa

Oh just say you were pissed. it worked for me whenever I wanted to slag off Hedwig. ;-P

[irony overload warning]

Saturday, 27 September 2003 - 1:28 PM BST

Name: Looby
Home Page:

Ah...sorry to hear about DH, although it seemed on the cards. I love the way you mention it between commas though!

Saturday, 27 September 2003 - 6:07 PM BST

Name: Sie

No, as I detest the originals I am unlikely to have experienced the joys of which you refer.

The Three Investigators were supreme in this regard but I'm unaware of any amusing parodies of those.

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