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Monday, 8 September 2003


Having a nice evening doing downtime, bunking Shakespeare (big Antony and Cleopatra deadline coming up, but all I can find in the thing is sex, and no politics), being cuddled by too many chilly cats, and feeling sleepy. So I'm watching mucho teev (no movieness for a week now, the teev will get lonely if I don't watch.)
The delights of channel five await me: 'Angel' (three series behind, so I get to watch all my old favourites again), 'The Curse of Friends Reunited' (will feel vindicated at not wanting to go to any reunions).
I'd list more, but the cats are fighting over who gets to lie on the warm keyboard and pull up all the keys; they've wiped six paragraphs by now, and at some point you have to accept that fate doesn't like this sort of a blog.
Ah well, it's altogether a more cuddly sort of unruly chaos than daytime presents.

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