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Saturday, 30 August 2003

Watching Me Watching You

In a fit of boredom brought about by no alcohol and not going out last night, I had another bout of Site Stats Mania. My Mania only extended far enough today to look at a few stats for yesterday evening/late afternoon, thankfully. (Some readers will know that previous episodes have resulted in actual spreadsheets.)
There's a fair contingent of Americans who read this blog, which I find weird. You're very welcome to read, if you're American - I'm just puzzled about what quite so many Americans can be getting from one woman's pissed ramblings about being bored in Tower Hamlets. If any American readers want to add a comment, I'll put up blurry photos of London landmarks, in return.
I also noticed a single, fairly regular reader from Baghdad, to whom I'd like to offer a warm welcome. Whoever you are, hope you're safe.
The denizens of three UK universities allowed some pause in the furious stimulation of their cortex to log on. Must have been downtime! People also popped in from Trinidad, Australia and Singapore. Bet it's not 19 degrees and raining there.

Normally, I'd wait till I was blotto, preferably with someone I originally know from online, so the geek accusations can only let fly in a mild fashion, to admit to my Site Stats Psychosis. In fact, the only real reason I have to blog about my site stats is to ask one particular person to log on from elsewhere.
To whoever logged on from a US Government computer network last Monday - couldn't it wait? Till you got home? Please? Cos your stats are really scaring me......

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Thursday, 4 September 2003 - 7:46 PM BST

Name: Vanessa

Postscript, 4th September.

Even after my plea not to watch me blog jiggling on US gov't computers, someone just tuned in again from a scary domain. ''...!
They're coming to take me away........ wooooooh.

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