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Friday, 29 August 2003

Working For a Living? Who, Me??

Nothing much to say today. It's terribly boring trying not to drink and not to eat and not to pick your nose all at the same time.
My six week holiday is done today: just the weekend left, then I'm back at work. Unfortunately for me, I agreed to write a really really huge document, print 30 copies then lead a training session on Monday. So prevaricating and procrastinating has begun in earnest.
Things I didn't bother to do this summer: (as well as the actual work I just mentioned)
I really should have gone in today, to see if the #150 file that I need has been thrown away, after I left it in a pile labelled 'throw this away'. I guess if it has been, I'll just blame someone else. *big grin, tosses hair*
My two offices were also moved in July, and I didn't bother putting anything away, so it presumably still looks like a building site. The walls are colourful, though! Guess I have some shifting to do. Gah.
Anyway, the immediate issue is changing my sleep patterns: right now I sleep from about 6am till 3pm. My hours will shift this year to 8.15-2.45 (ooh, lovely long afternoons free to watch loads of movies, rah) - which sounds disturbingly like shift work to me. I live 12 miles from where I work, so I'd have to be out of the house by seven in the morning - sounds like torture right now! On Monday, I'll probably be home by the time I'd normally get up.

Spoke to the DH in Sydney yesterday; apparently she's seen just one non-white face in the whole city so far. No-one in Oz/Sydney seems to think this is weird. The place sounds more like early 1990s Jo'burg, quite frankly.
She's gone to a women rugby player's ball tonight. I have no idea what that involves, but I can't help thinking of fat white muddy arms and taffeta! Tee hee.

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