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Wednesday, 21 April 2004

Earth Day

Christ. Getting up early, waiting for the only bath Malice will allow me to run, I check the news, noticing that Google says it's Earth day. What's Earth day?
It's actually quite hard to find out what the hell the thing means when you look up the official Earth day sites, but hidden deep below a lot of meaningless twaddle about peace bells, 'Cosmic Quests', global peace blitzes (mixed metaphor, surely?), 'Earth Trustees', and assorted rambling hippie whatnot, I found two details:
1. It's the Vernal Equinox. (Scuse me. I like the other equinoxes more. At least it's not always raining for them.)
2. This manifesto: "All individuals and institutions have a mutual responsibility to act as Trustees of Earth, seeking the choices in ecology, economics and ethics that will eliminate pollution, poverty and violence, foster peaceful progress, awaken the wonder of life, and realize the best potential for the future of the human adventure."

I can't for the life of me see any relationship whatsoever between the two.
So I glanced at the rest of the news, just to see if anyone had 'awakened the wonder of life' ...

4 killed, 148 wounded in Riydah bombing
Basra bombings kill nearly 70, including 20 children, violence in Iraq spreads south
Sports Commentator Ron Atkinson makes racist remarks on national tv, gets fired
Mordecahi Vanunu out of jail
Anti Terror Police make more raids
9 Palestinians die in Gaza clash
Shane MacGowan beaten up
Muslim nations in emergency talks
Allegations of kickbacks and bribes in the UN-run oil-for-food programme for Iraq
And do you know, I can't decide if that lot of horrors make the yoghurt knitter's nonsense that is Earth Day look ever more irrelevant, or a testament to the sad idea that peace is a failed objective these days?

Turn Off TV Week ~ I'm spending a week living an imaginary life as a couch potato, to see if it's any more fulfilling.

Daily Selection: I might have watched ~

1. 8pm, C5, Diana and the Camera ~ A look at the princess' relationship with the media, in particular how her life has been preserved in photographs. Basically, I'd be looking for the cleavage shots, here. And no, C5 isn't a clear picture. Distorted royal cleavage. Ooo, missus.
2. 9pm, C5, John Travolta: the Inside Story ~ John Travolta's first major interview for over 20 years, revealing his thoughts on the ups and downs of his turbulent career. I have simple needs. I want X many shots of The Boy in the Bubble, I want real pain to flicker on his face as he admits what shite Look Who's Talking was, and I want crocodile tears whenever he mentions Quentin.
3. 10pm, BBC2, The Alan Clark Diaries ~ Dramatisation of the colourful memoirs of the late Conservative MP. Revelations of Clark's affairs with the Harknesses have hit the tabloid headlines and the media are in a frenzy. Clark yearns to return to the cut and thrust of Parliament, but with his political reputation and health in steady decline, can he realise his dream? I haven't seen any of this series, but being a regular littlest-room-reader of the Spectator, the old Tory duffers of the press are agog at the dramatised depiction of one of their own. I'd want to see if they paint him as a lovable old sex offender, or as a deeply ambivalent old goat.
Verdict: It's not the sort of stuff you'd die unhappy for having missed, is it?

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Updated: Thursday, 22 April 2004 7:03 AM BST
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Thursday, 22 April 2004 - 9:39 AM BST

Name: Terry
Home Page:

I must be somewhat out of the loop with this Earth Day thing. There's more to it than just smug smiling fish then?

Thursday, 22 April 2004 - 12:23 PM BST

Name: The Rev
Home Page:

I want the heads of the men who thought it would be cool if they kicked Shane's ass. I want them on a platter. Who cares what Shane may or may not have said about their sister/mother/family dog?
There're principles involved here.

Thursday, 22 April 2004 - 12:25 PM BST

Name: pan
Home Page:

not much to done about the fact that we're all going to hell in a handbasket. While You-Know-Who is still ruling the roost commercial concerns will always outweigh environmental ones. And even if we can legislate to solve our own worst offendors, God only knows what the developing world is doing - and why shouldn't they? We've been doing it for years after all.

Roll on the oil crisis and all having to cook off 2 used teabags and some orange peel I say ;-)

Thursday, 22 April 2004 - 1:25 PM BST

Name: Lux

I was about to say: royal cleavage??? nonono bad wrong bad wrong!

But then I remembered that I did a (go)ogle image search the other day for pics of Harry, so never mind.

Thursday, 22 April 2004 - 5:16 PM BST

Name: Sarah
Home Page:

Harry? Harry??? Like.. Prince Harry?

Thursday, 22 April 2004 - 7:02 PM BST

Name: Lux

Not nekkid pics. Maccers had a link on her site the other day to a picture of Prince William in speedos and I thought he'd grown up to look sort of horsy. So I looked up Harry just to compare and I thought he was a cutie.

He's a prince. We don't have those here.


Thursday, 22 April 2004 - 9:10 PM BST

Name: chrysalis

Too funny, no Earth Day in the UK?! I grew up with Earth it would be like finding out that you guys do not celebrate the 4th of =)

Earth Day here usually consists of 'environmental'(stress on mental) groups getting together at a local park and having a bit of a party. There may be bands, guest speakers, exhibits, food and overly exhuberant folks handing out seedlings. In college we always celebrated in grand style....KEGGER! You know...Save The Earth, Drink Beer. For the most part though, it is like a hippie (you do have those...right?) Memorial Day. Very granola'ish. =)

It is always fun to watch our 'environmentally' minded President take a nature walk each year to show how passionate he is about protecting Mother Earth. Gack. ;)

Thursday, 22 April 2004 - 9:19 PM BST

Name: Vanessa

Your comments and those of the other 'mericans above raise a few questions:

1. What the @#%$! is Memorial Day?
2. While I'm on it, what the @#%$! is Labor Day?
3. Or the Fourth of July - what, you ran out of proper nouns?
4. What's granola? It sounds uncomfortable, like sand up your crack at the beach.
5. Given that the States are one of the most gas guzzling pollutant chuffing nations on the entire planet, then can't the left hand match up to what the right hand is doing, and the US set up a 'Signing the Kyoto Agreement Day', if this eco-stuff is considered important? (ooh, bit of politics, controversial)

Thursday, 22 April 2004 - 9:21 PM BST

Name: Vanessa

1. Half nekkid counts as the same.
2. That's no excuse, missy.
3. He's not a Prince, he's a Ginger.
4. You got Prince Rogers Nelson.

Thursday, 22 April 2004 - 9:21 PM BST

Name: Vanessa

Perhaps it was corrective dental surgery, but he was so pissed he forgot?

Thursday, 22 April 2004 - 9:35 PM BST

Name: The Rev
Home Page: http://My Site Is Caput.

1) Holiday celebrating the military and vets of foreign wars.
2) Erm... last day of Summer? "YOu've been laboring so hard - take ONE PAID HOLIDAY TO ENJOY THE SUMMER." @#%$!.
3) That would be the day we signed a piece of paper and began kicking British arse. ;)
4) Try getting granola up your crack at the beach. Man, did I learn the hard way it's not a sex aid.
5) @#%$! the environment. My kids and grand-kids will have to worry about it. For now, let's go cut down some trees and finish off some of these "endangered" species. I hear whale tastes like chicken... Hmmm... beer can whale?

Thursday, 22 April 2004 - 9:48 PM BST

Name: Lux

I clicked on your Earth Day link, which led me to one of the silliest things I have ever seen: WHY THE MARCH EQUINOX IS THE ONLY TRUE EARTH DAY

"The highlight of each ceremony has been the ringing of the Peace Bell, occasionally by leaders of countries who may have been at war with each other. Presentations are made by great proponents of peaceful methods for conciliation."
"The principal hindrance for EARTH DAY to fulfill its potentials was initiated by the organizers of the "Environmental Teach-In" when they announced that April 22 would be Earth Day. This group of individuals has used "Earth Day" as a fund raising tool for their projects and political aims."

Well, Jesus Christ on a cracker. Those political f u ckers! We'll never fulfill our, um, potentials, whatever they are, if those pesky activists keep interfering!

Thursday, 22 April 2004 - 10:03 PM BST

Name: Lux

1. Harry wasn't half nekkid, just Maccers' pic of Wills. She's the perv who instigated all of this.
2. Excuse for what?
3. He is so. What the f uck is a Ginger? Do you mean he has red hair?
4. Who the f uck is that?

Thursday, 22 April 2004 - 10:19 PM BST

Name: Lux

  1. That's what it used to be, but now it's Open Your Swimming Pool and Have a Party Because It's Your Last Day Off of Work Until Labor Day day.

  2. I don't know the origin of Labor Day. Seems like it would have socialist background, but now it's F uck, The Summer's Over Let's Have a Party to Cheer Us Up day.

  3. What the Rev said. Official name is Independence Day, but no one calls it that. We're waiting for the next revolution. :-)

  4. What Earth Day people eat. It's crunchy. That's why we call them crunchies. (seriously)

  5. "They preach that I should save the world,
    they pray that I won't do a better job of it."
    -Dar Williams

Thursday, 22 April 2004 - 10:27 PM BST

Name: Vanessa

1. Maccers is a pervo, and her blog proves it. You're a pervo for even looking at it, because it's more catching than herpes. (For herpes you need to look at ET.) ;)
2. For perving over pictures of ripped underage teenagers. You know that the Palace paid that short weedy kid to stand in front of Wills and make him look ripped, don't you? And that's a sock down those Speedos.
3. A Ginger, with a hard 'G' is a reminder of what colour the pubes that catch at the back of one's throat would be.
4. More popularly known as 'Symbol', these days.

Thursday, 22 April 2004 - 10:29 PM BST

Name: Lux

Just to clarify, in #5, Dar is referring to the baby-boomers who started all this earth day crap and now own most of the world's resources and produce most of its pollution and waste and will soon be sucking the Social Security system dry. Thanks, mom and dad.

Er, that's my interpretation, anyway.

Thursday, 22 April 2004 - 10:30 PM BST

Name: Vanessa

Lol! It's actually the first search result clicking on Google's Earth Day fish graphic sent me to. Not me guv'nor, Google did it, milord.

Thursday, 22 April 2004 - 10:34 PM BST

Name: Lux

2. I said Wills looked HORSY. Was not impressed.
3. Yeah, so...?

Thursday, 22 April 2004 - 10:35 PM BST

Name: Vanessa

a. Is Dar like the Daughters of the American Revolution that I have to learn about next week?
b. Granola is a crunchy sex aid. Um. I'm too scared to ask about Hershey bars now.
c. You guys really like your animals - a whole holiday to honour old soldiers and weary battle fatigued veterinarians.
d. I think you two are winding me up.
e. Rev, I'm not sticking a damn beer can up the arse of anything.

Thursday, 22 April 2004 - 10:46 PM BST

Name: Lux

I'm not a Daughter of the American Revolution. In 1776 my ancestors were
a)trotting in the bogs
b)stomping on grapes

Thursday, 22 April 2004 - 10:53 PM BST

Name: chrysalis

My grandmother was a DAR. As are both of my aunts. I guess I could be as well if I took the time to fill out the rather long submission form. Yay. =)

Why do you need to learn about them?

Thursday, 22 April 2004 - 10:59 PM BST

Name: chrysalis

1. An excuse to party.
2. An excuse to party.
3. An excuse to party....and play with dangerous explosives.
4. Rolled crunchy oats often mixed with dried fruit and nuts. Will suck every ounce of spit outa your mouth. Have had it stuck in my cleavage.....not comfortable......would have to agree with it NOT being a sex aid.

Thursday, 22 April 2004 - 11:52 PM BST

Name: Vanessa

2. He's got the Windsor piggy eyes, and the Spencer lockjaw chin, inne?
3. It's not the colour that makes a Ginger, it's the combination of translucent pasty green glowing skin, more freckles than there's room for, and a tendency to blue bruises. Ag, you probably have to live near lots of annoying Scottish people to find any of this true.

These comments are making me feel strangely thirteen and three quarters today.

Thursday, 22 April 2004 - 11:55 PM BST

Name: Vanessa

Why for to study Tennessee Williams. He keeps mentioning them in a way that makes you think it's not just an organisation (which in itself I barely understand), but as if it's a cultural trope that suggests an entire social category.

So (she said, with trepidation, after the sexual granola responses earlier), what's a DAR?

Thursday, 22 April 2004 - 11:56 PM BST

Name: Vanessa

You mean MUESLI! :D

Friday, 23 April 2004 - 12:24 AM BST

Name: chrysalis

Ummmmmmmm......a DAR is one of the aforementioned Daughters of the American Revolution.

Gack. Far too dry for grandmother tried to get me to fill out the paperwork when I was if anyone could get me to do anything when I was 18!

Friday, 23 April 2004 - 12:48 AM BST

Name: Vanessa

Do you have to be from a family that was American during the American Revolution, or something? (we prefix it, so when you guys just said 'revolution' it sounded generic - like Russian, or Velvet, or something)

That's weird, it sounds a little exclusive - I always thought Americans were super proud of their 19th/20thc immigrant heritage. Or does the pride in one not cancel out the other?

Sorry if these questions are ignorant - never heard of this stuff.

Friday, 23 April 2004 - 1:24 AM BST

Name: chrysalis

If my grandmother and aunts are a good example of them....they tend to be a bit hoity-toity.....not really my sort. And yes, you do have to be able to trace your ancestral line back to an American involved in the American Revolution. As far as American pretty much runs the gamut.....keep in mind that there are still some sorry folks that are proud that their ancestors started the KKK. Sorry that I really do not know more about them(as my grandmother rolls in her grave). =)

Friday, 23 April 2004 - 1:27 AM BST

Name: Lux

My guess, and this is not based on any actual interaction with DAR, is that they are mostly rich wives from old money who have lots of time on their hands. Also known as Ladies Who Lunch. They keep themselves busy organizing meetings and committees and fundraisers.

Any woman is eligible for membership who is no less than eighteen years of age and can prove lineal, blood line descent from an ancestor who aided in achieving American independence. She must provide documentation for each statement of birth, marriage, and death.

The geneology requirement is a way to weed out the ethnics. Gotta be a purebred WASP. Cos who the @#%$! else was living here in 1776? Besides the Native Americans and slaves, but they prolly have trouble proving their ancestors aided in achieving American independence, assuming they even have "documentation" of births, deaths, etc. that go back that far.

Excuse me while I go vomit.

Friday, 23 April 2004 - 2:32 AM BST

Name: Vanessa

Gotcha. Thanks, Lux / Chrysalis, that's exactly what I needed to know, there.

Friday, 23 April 2004 - 2:35 AM BST

Name: Vanessa

Run, quick, before I ask you what Ivy League and brownstone mean. And why so many wooden houses? You don't have the story of the Three Litte Pigs?

Friday, 23 April 2004 - 3:11 AM BST

Name: Rev
Home Page:

a. Dar sounds like a nickname for a very ugly child.
b. Just don't ask about the caramel-coated apples...
c. Ever see a veternarian have flashbacks of the foaling of '42? *shivers* Honor and respect is the least we can do.
d. Wheeee! Turn the key! Watch her run!
e. Think of it as a suppository. That adds flavoring.... ok, forget that analogy.

Friday, 23 April 2004 - 3:12 AM BST

Name: Rev

Damn my twitchy finger.

Friday, 23 April 2004 - 7:40 AM BST

Name: Vanessa

ROFL - I bet you say that after every post, fnarr fnarr.

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