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Wednesday, 14 July 2004

Dozy, disorganised, lame posting ahoy

Topic: Lactose Incompetent

I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open to type this.
Last week of work before my birthday opens the holidays (two presents already, one bearing a Cayman Islands postmark - hurrah!), so I have to get everything done in time, which means long hours at work, and even longer hours at home trying to shake off the feeling of actually having worked.
I managed about three hours per night of shuteye so far this week (it was rather an inopportune moment to decide to download imagine the entire series of Kingdom Hospital, when I could have just been organised enough to watch it on telly).

But being organised isn't my forte. I finally taxed my car, only for post office clerk to tell me she's never even heard of someone actually being clamped under the new tax rules, yet. So that undisturbed street with no parking regs, and barely even any pedestrian traffic where I park my car was the one spot the DVLA chose to implement their new national programme, huh?
I attended my detention with Hippyboss yesterday, and have been grounded, now for the first morning of my holidays. It turns out my resentment and paranoia were resentment and paranoia, and she is punishing me to save face towards others (I'd rather just be slapped on the wrists than meaninglessly slapped on the wrists, but, meh), and now I get little cards and notelets all day at work to reassure me of how wonderful she thinks I am, with my idle, lax, renegade, unpunctual ways.
I've managed to refuse to see a whole horde of people, including refusing third and fourth dates from Second Dater, and still haven't taken my dad's mid-June birthday present round. Perhaps I should eat it... ;-P
I've buggered up the blog persistently for the last three months, and now seem incapable of not offending people, either via content, quoting or comments. The readership is diving dramatically. (from average 140 per day to 80 per day - god knows who reads this rubbish), although for some reason the linkage is rocketing (167 links? Double the amount of readers?) How does that work?

For some reason, though, despite the hideously disorganised exterior, the interior is kinda girl-scout right now. I've baked a lot (new knowledge: stewed rhubarb tastes foul unless you put all the sugar in), cleaned a lot (hurrah for toilet disasters and having to clean up the raw sewage!), tidied a lot (it's only clean knickers on the floor now, I'll have you know).

Perhaps I'm trying to subconsciously prove to myself I am organised, I am capable of selling my flat without going mental defective.
It would have helped reaffirm my sense of strength of mind if I hadn't forgotten to lock or shut my front door since last Friday.

It's seven pm. I'm going to bed.

Best Blo'te of the Day so Far: Conazo
"If you accept the premise that cinema provides us with vicarious experiences through which we can live out our dreams, then it would seem reasonable to suppose that you can work backwards from the movies to figure out what our innermost desires might be.
Movies tell us that love conquers all and bad guys always get their comeuppance, but what about darker, more fringe beliefs? After all, isn't the collective subconscious less Disneyland, more Arkham Asylum? What do movies tell us about half-thoughts so disturbing they have to be manacled in a reeking cell?"

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Updated: Saturday, 17 July 2004 4:11 PM BST
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Wednesday, 14 July 2004 - 6:56 PM BST

Name: tony
Home Page:

thanks for encouraging me to post again! you're a star.

Wednesday, 14 July 2004 - 7:08 PM BST

Name: NC

Summer vs Winter readers perhaps like the telly? Plus those of us who like to procrastinate doing our work.

A postmarked pressie from the Caymans is a dreadful tease unless it actually contains a ticket to the Islands!

Me and a friend once told a geography professor that the Uni of Hawaii would be our dream job cause its a rich island with a beach and the silly fool spent an hour trying to convince otherwise. The plebian.

Stweed rubabr tastes foul no matter wht you do to it

Wednesday, 14 July 2004 - 7:22 PM BST

Name: Ellie

Vanessa, if you're really having trouble selling your flat, drop me an email (having asked Zobo to give me your email and him consistantly forgetting) - During real life(ie not attending weddings and pubs and admitting to reading blogs) I'm the secretary for a conveyancing solicitor.


Wednesday, 14 July 2004 - 7:26 PM BST

Name: billy
Home Page:

...nah, I'm a liar - I never come here and read your stuff...I just link to you because it makes me feel good...I have a tick list:
blogger with girlfriend problem
blogger with cleaning problem
blogger with work problem
blogger who missed parent's b'day
blogger with cats
blogger with car problem
blogger with donald sutherland problem manage to complete me :^)...

Wednesday, 14 July 2004 - 10:05 PM BST

Name: Kat
Home Page:

I lurk around here frequently - I just don't always leave comments 'cause sometimes I just don't have anything worthwhile to say.

So your resentment and paranoia WERE resentment and paranoia? I hope that's not contagious. I'm really, really having to watch my tone with people over the phone and I seem to slip up the most when the boss who gives a damn is in the office and can hear me. Pfft.

Your house sounds cleaner than mine. I'm blaming the husband, the kids, the dog and the cat.

Thursday, 15 July 2004 - 7:21 AM BST

Name: Vanessa

It would be criminal if you didn't - your blog is the only one in the world where I've actually sat there taking notes, Tony, trying to remember things you've said!

Thursday, 15 July 2004 - 7:26 AM BST

Name: Vanessa

I think you're responsible for 160 of those links, too!

(Donald problem? It's not a problem!)

Thursday, 15 July 2004 - 7:27 AM BST

Name: Vanessa

Oh hello!!! You made it! :-)

There's no panic, as it's under offer, and it's hopefully a matter of mere time now. I've been trying not to be too optimistic though, in case it still falls through. There's loads of quirky little details they need sorting out, and which will take longer - fixing some building problems, etc - so I'm not holding my breath.

My e-mail's above, thanks for the offer!

Thursday, 15 July 2004 - 7:28 AM BST

Name: Vanessa

Oh @#%$!, I wasn't comment begging - did it sound like that? Damn. See what I mean about putting my foot in it all the time?
I was into blaming the cat, then I realised that as I have indoor cats, and as I never have anyone around, the only human contact they ever had was me. And that made me a sad panda, so I forgave them for not doing the washing up on the big glass bowl well enough to rid it of rhubarb stain.

Thursday, 15 July 2004 - 8:59 AM BST

Name: One Man
Home Page:

It's possible that more people are reading you through RSS readers like Bloglines, NewsNetWire or the like. They won't register as visitors, even though they're reading every entry. I've noticed a distinct shift over from people reading via the web to newsreaders in the last three months or so.

Thursday, 15 July 2004 - 11:06 AM BST

Name: Fluffy
Home Page:

Well it's good that your interior girls scouts holding up i guess. I'm the same only my interior ones off on holiday. She's been gone now for ten years. I think she emmigrated personally.
Anyway... Well done on the only clean pants on the floor thing!

Thursday, 15 July 2004 - 12:13 PM BST

Name: Creepy Lesbo
Home Page:

My interior Brownie/Girl Guide (what are you, American?) is still lusting after Kelpies and Brownie Guide Helpers and gets nervous around big red mushrooms in case she has to recite the Brownie Guide motto, which despite being 'Be prepared' makes me think of otters. I think it's because it was something about 'being nice to other people'. I misread 'others' and now I'm only nice to otter people. Which largely means I'm horrible to everyone except the odd character costume actors.

Thursday, 15 July 2004 - 3:01 PM BST

Name: Vanessa

That's very true. I've also noticed that I tend to rarely catchup with blogs that don't have RSS feeds, lately. I had to stop myself from emailing Legomen to beg for an RSS feed yesterday, realising what an intolerable geek I'd sound... :o)

Thursday, 15 July 2004 - 3:05 PM BST

Name: Vanessa

Lol! Lucky otters.
Girl Scouts always sounds better - butcher, shorter shorts, etc - to me, although, yes, technically they don't exist beyond my head.
Whereas Girl Guides just reminds me horribly of how I once used to love doing my 'Setting the Table badge', or competing in sock-darning challenges.
By the way, speaking as a mere reader of your blog, do you feel pressured by the narrative thrust that is screaming 'DietCoke Girl wants you'...? I know, I know, it's your life, not an example of a story being told... but ..... if it were a novel, she'd be your Mr Darcy by the end of this chapter.

Thursday, 15 July 2004 - 5:42 PM BST

Name: Nursie
Home Page:

Hey now! Yours happens to be one of the only blogs I've consistantly read and commented on, even when I went through my "no comment" phase. Don't be down on yourself or this wonderful place you've built. Quantity matters not one iota, m'dear. It's quality all the way.

Thursday, 15 July 2004 - 6:38 PM BST

Name: Vanessa

Cheers for the commenting! Now your next mission, should you choose to accept it, is to tell Lux not to be mad at me.

Thursday, 15 July 2004 - 7:15 PM BST

Name: Nursie
Home Page:

How could anyone be mad at you, you wonderful girl, you? and
Why is Lux mad at you?
How much do I get for interceding on your behalf?
(A girl's got to make money somehow, now doesn't she?)

Thursday, 15 July 2004 - 9:02 PM BST

Name: Vanessa

I don't know if she is, but she took offence at a quote I posted from Looby, then stopped reading and removed her link to here. I was surprised, mainly cos I had her pegged as a discusser, not an avoider, and horribly disappointed, cos I had a blogcrush on Lux.

Anyway: price: the sun and the moon will be yours if you can effect this. And quick, before The End. :o)

Thursday, 15 July 2004 - 9:07 PM BST

Name: Kat
Home Page:

No, I don't think it sounded like comment begging but since you mentioned everyone leaving I just wanted to offer a little reassurance, that's all.

And that's your quota for the rest of the year. :o)

I say still blame the cats and stick to it.

Thursday, 15 July 2004 - 10:23 PM BST

Name: Nursie
Home Page:

She...she DE-BLOGGED you??? Of all the nerve. That settles it then. I'd love the sun in the morning and the moon at night (or opposite) but you won't catch me interacting with such a flagrant de-blogger. She's now on my list. If it's any consolation, you can have a blog-crush on me if you'd like. *flutter, flutter*

Friday, 16 July 2004 - 12:26 AM BST

Name: Pete C
Home Page:

de-blogging isn't that bad, as I've discovered. Hmmmmmm....

(looks around shocked, humphs in an over-dramatic way, stalks off)

Friday, 16 July 2004 - 12:49 AM BST

Name: Vanessa

Well, she's quite entitled to, and I'm hardly one to moan about it if I'm pulling the thing next week anyway, am I?

I feel odd, though, that she didn't want to speak it through. I didn't feel reprimanded, just that she wanted her opinion heard, in the original debate. But then she stopped listening, and now it's a bit weird, cos whether I apologise or not, makes no difference. And they weren't even my words! :o(

Ah well. I shall have to stalk her instead.

Friday, 16 July 2004 - 8:56 AM BST

Name: Sarah
Home Page:

I can see you on Lux's linkbar. Although it looks like it's been rejiggled.

Friday, 16 July 2004 - 6:12 PM BST

Name: Vanessa

ROFL! Oh @#%$!! Sorry Pete. You know I'm still reading, though, I comment on every damn entry!

Friday, 16 July 2004 - 6:15 PM BST

Name: Vanessa

Hurrah! My name is not mud only locally mud!

Cheers, Sar!

Friday, 16 July 2004 - 10:35 PM BST

Name: Pete C
Home Page:

This is true, and for that I thank you. You, Looby and the googlebot are the main readers of my trainwreck of a blog, but it's easier to do things this way than to type emails that I can't send from work ('Network Policy' or some such shite).

Besides, when I shrink the font down really, really small and youre entry doesn't contain toooooo many pictures of dead birds, then I can say I'm doing research. And maybe reply to a comment or two, should they be there.

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