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Saturday, 28 February 2004

Let's catch up with the damn calendar, hey?

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Topic: Eurotrash
Thursday: Derby turned up in the ten minutes I thought I had to myself, and we collected Krystal from Crystal Palace (hence the pseudonym - there are methods to some of the bits of madness, you know), which not a palace, to go look at Eltham Palace, which is almost a palace. Confoozled? You will be. I've been trying to get to Eltham Palace for three years now, along with Kinky, so we can ooh and ahh at the Art Nouveau fittings.

We never made it, but this time, hell, I got there five minutes after closing, which as close as I've ever gotten, and at least got to look at the gardens. I ignored Krystal and Derby (okay, it was the other way around), and noticing a weird parallel between the Art Nouveau carvings I could see, and the heavyset figures in William Blake prints, done about 150 years earlier, I set to taking pictures that might look Blakeian.

First prize (of a nearly new refrigerator that I have nowhere to put) to the first person to spot which Blake print it's meant to remind you of. With a tie-breaker (where whoever can help me move my washing machine down three flights of stairs or fix my car) wins. What, me, manipulative? Desperate?

It was buggering freezing (hah, this post was written a fortnight ago, remember, before I actually knew what poverty and cold were), and we wandered over to Blackheath, for coffee, cake staring and pottering around the bookshop. I continued to take too many photographs (dunno what it is about digital cameras that means you take three hundred snaps when two good ones would do, but heck, I have bandwidth to spare this month), of skies, of hands of speakers animating their coffee shop conversations, of reflective shop frontages, of tulips, delicatessens, fruit. I really need a bright, preferable violent coloured large canvas in my beigeious flat, and Selfridge's will upscale a phot for #500, so I figure some print shop somewhere will do it for way less.

In the shops, something about the pompous, discreet middle classness of the place worked on my coffee high to transmogrify me from a mild mannered seeker of art nouveau bibelots into a raging cultural snob.
In the deli, I took umbrage at the request not to take pictures and resolutely took around fifty more covert snaps. Hey, Harv didn't introduce me to the world of commercial espionage for nothing, I can do spy stills.
In the tiny independent bookstore, I held forth loudly about Philip Roth's annoyingly gratuitous wanking passages. (Can't be bothered to explain.) I raged at the bloke working in Starbucks about the mispellings and grammatical errors on his door sign for fifteen minutes.

Later, there was a Thai meal in Crystal Palace with a load of people who all do the same job as me. Most of my friends eat Thai fairly often, but I'm the sort who finds a food they love and eats nothing but for the next six years, gorges on it till she explodes, and can't face it ever again - so I haven't gotten around to Thai gorging on more than a few occasions. Plus fried food, however exotic its point of origin, never much appeals when there's nothing else on the menu.
And the menu was the problem. The weirdness of poring over two sides of A4 and not knowing what a single dish might be is usually only something that happens on far flung climes. To find it in Gypsy Hill is disorienting. And the speed with which four out of six fellow diners ordered suggested they had just three dishes they knew weren't fried seal brains, also - though I wasn't brave enough to say.
I stuffed myself, then spent way too long - noticeably, oddly long - in the toilet. There was this weird silver ball in there, see, and I wanted to get it just right for a Mirror Project piece.
The evening ended with Derby staying over, then staying up till five in the morning chatting (I hadn't seen her since last spring; she's a trained counsellor - a dangerous combination.)

Friday: Derby was up and out for breakfast with an ex colleague and a six hour drive home after three hours sleep. Me, I slept all day, and when I did get up, it was to snuggle under a blanket on Pink Nasty and watch the entirety of CSI series one on DVD.
There's something enervating about living quite so quietly, then slamming yourself back into a social life that makes you feel a tad invaded after two or three days of socialising. My car had broken, and it was the perfect excuse to sit back and veg, crawl back into my shell, and hide from the world, happily.

Saturday: I thought I'd resolved my differences with Duch. I'd cut her for two weeks, she'd cut me for two weeks. I'd resolved never to get pissy about why - if anyone's unaware that shouting 'you donkey' repeatedly at people isn't going to increase their popularity, then it's not something I'm going to change by whining about it, and I swore to accept my mates for what they are. The week before had involved a five hour phone call, so we seemed quits, all bets off, as it were. Friday had involved mucho trauma by phone call too, and I'd arranged to travel the 25 miles and back to hers this night.
I reckoned without every single thing in the flat deciding to break that day. The AA guy fixing the car decided to take five hours to turn up - JatB got there quicker, and she was coming from the opposite corner of London. As soon the car it was finally fixed, I could rush out and get some urgent Jaffa cake replenishments. So the car repair guy says 'only drive it to a garage, it needs repairing NOW'.
Pfft. We all know that women's cars magically mend themselves if you leave them in the car park long enough, right?
Meanwhile, am running round the hypermarket, trying to get back in time to meet JatB, who's bringing a warm coat (it's getting colder...), and some small painted canvases for the beigeiousness, plus ringing fmc to see when I can visit her new place in Pantydrawer (or whatever the Welsh word for Swansea is).
Rang Duch and asked if it was okay if I didn't come over - fifty mile round trip, damaged car, rushed off feet, bloody frustrating day, JatB waiting outside my door, plus Duch was already going out earlier on with someone else. She agreed, and I thought that was that.

Get back to find the answerphone message from hell.
I am the devil. I am unsupportive, mean, have abandoned my friends.
I am thoughtless, and worst, guilty of not being kind.
Oh shit.
So I pressganged JatB into coming with me for moral / normality support to Duch's, and set off. An hour's drive to NE London. Another drive to the pub, where I got sick of drinking cheap, flat cola, while others downed exspensive Belgian Trappist fruit brew. Can't pubs serve proper coke? Cinemas manage it. A restaurant in the Village, too much food, and watching people downing Sambuca after Sambuca. Lifts home to NE London, lifts home to NW London, 2am dash home to SE London. And the car dies.
Still, at least I cleared my name.

Sunday: spent in bed, or watching dvd's under a blanket, freezing my socks off, recovering from spending all night driving the car to its knees, and wondering why I feel obligated to nutters.

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Updated: Sunday, 29 February 2004 4:32 PM GMT
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Sunday, 29 February 2004 - 6:28 AM GMT

Name: cyn
Home Page:

Visions Of The Daughters of Albion?

Lovely piccies, btw.

The cherubs holding the roundish object will make a great Mirror Project submission.

Sunday, 29 February 2004 - 12:58 PM GMT

Name: Vanessa

No, it wasn't that one I meant, but I see what you mean - sun/tree thing fits.
Trouble with my Mirror Project submissions is entirely too many taken in toilets....

Sunday, 29 February 2004 - 7:41 PM GMT

Name: charlene
Home Page:

Oh Oh Fridge, fridge - not only do you run into me in London, now you are prescient about my innermost desires. The photograph is 'Albion Rose or Glad Day' without Albion, no its 'God Creating the Universe' without God, no its 'Moses at the Burning Bush' without Moses er, er. Oh no, I just twigged - I am looking at the wrong twatting photo - stupid or what!

Sunday, 29 February 2004 - 8:40 PM GMT

Name: Vanessa

BINGO - A cross between God Creating the Universe and Glad Day was ZIGACKLY what I was thinking about when I took that piccie.

At uni, I had a copy of Milton's Paradise Lost that had 'Glad Day' on the front, and we were so bored in seminars that we used to whisper about how we thought it was a picture of Satan (in Paradise Lost, I mean, the character), and how he was a bit of a dish. Well, specially compared to the Ancient of Days, he is.

Where do you want this fridge?

Monday, 1 March 2004 - 5:01 AM GMT

Name: charlene
Home Page:

Wow - In the Tate, in the Blake room - fridge - Billy Blake - fridge - Billy Blake I am in heaven. I'm feeling bad - went Tate-ing this last visit and got distracted by the Pre-Raphaelites - what a prissy, friggin load of nonsense someone has chosen (all the sad little landscapes and three headliners like Ophelia) and, of course, you cannot see them because some old cretin has his face two inches away 'to admire the detail'. For fucks sake. I sat down in the middle and looked through the catalogue - had a better view. I want photo's now - must study how my blogthing works. Cheers
Oh and Swansea - last time I was there I ended up in Mumbles (so named after the effect of the local Brains' Bitter)

Monday, 1 March 2004 - 7:20 AM GMT

Name: Vanessa

Photos: < img src="photo URL" > but without spaces.

That's the problem with the Tate's Blake stuff - their postcards are bigger. And they only have one print of each - better to look online, I reckon where you can see ten variations.

Mumbles? Was Catherine Zeta serving the bitter?

Monday, 1 March 2004 - 11:24 PM GMT

Name: Fi
Home Page:

I love your pic on The Mirror Project (and in this post),keep 'em coming.

Tuesday, 2 March 2004 - 12:40 AM GMT

Name: Vanessa

I have 38 lined up, but the buggers will only accept three pics per week!

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