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Sorting networks and Dedekind's problem
11 Jul, 2002

What's the connection between the two?

A quick introduction to sorting networks
10 Jul, 2002

A quick introduction to Dedekind's problem
10 Jul, 2002

Dedekind.cpp - A program for computing some solutions to Dedekind's problem
28 Jun, 2002

C++ code to compute the solutions to Dedekind's problem for n = 1 through 6.  Easily modified to distribute the computations across multiple processors. 

A reference of the best-known sorting networks for up to 16 inputs.
11 May, 2002

Sorting networks provide a simple and fairly efficient means to sort a fixed number of items.  This reference gives diagrams of the the best known in terms of the number of required comparisons and/or the number of parallel levels.

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