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Plugin Cover & TAG

The Cover & TAG Plugin for WinAmp 5

After trying Winamp 5 for some time I decided to use it as default (I never really upgraded to Winamp 3). From now on I will only develop the plugin for Winamp 5. There is no development planned for the versions for Winamp 3. The plugin currently works for Winamp 2 was well (also using the Video window).

The Cover & TAG plugin reuses the Winamp Video window. There is no more a separate window. This has many advantages. It automatically has the right (custom) skin and I like the use model. It can be included in the main window and switched between the visualization window and the video window (which displayes the cover and TAG). Or, it can be displayed in a separate window like in the previous versions of the plugin.

So while playing music the video window becomes meaningful!

01/16/2008 Rapidshare Direct Download for Winamp5/Winamp2 (V3.4.2)

01/02/2008 Rapidshare Direct Download for Winamp5/Winamp2 (V3.4.0)

01/16/2008 Download for Winamp5/Winamp2 (V3.4.2)

01/02/2008 Download for Winamp5/Winamp2 (V3.4.0)

Download for Winamp5/Winamp2 (V3.3.0)