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// Here's some personal shit about me. Enjoy!

Name: Nick Ritter
Age: 19 ( Aries )
Sex: Male (straight)
Status: Single (and not sure if I'm looking)
Interest: Music, Friends, Computers, Web Design, Mature Women, Writing.
Hobbies: Creating Graphics, Hanging out with friends, Working, Going out to fun places.
Favorite Color: Baby blue!
Material Wants: Hiyabusa 1300 R w/ a baby blue graphic all over trimmed in white.
Life Wants: A good women to be my best friend, then my lover. A good place to live around my friends and be happy!
Best Friends: Hayley and Shannon have to be the two closest friends I could want and have. Josh, and Smokey yall lil nickas keep a man laughing.
Notes: I am a man that is very close to my family, exspecially my nephew dylan who is 5 motnhs old.

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