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The Rant

This is a pretty plain-looking, poorly-designed site with no gimmicks and no flash. And that's how I want it. If i wanted something stylish and visually impressive I would have had someone build the page for me. This page is a place for me to post my rants on society as I write them.

To begin the journey into my political views and related commentary, I suggest you start with my manifesto of what is wrong with this great country.
A Review of America, August, 2003

Table of Contents
Multiculturalism and Americanism: A Curriculum Guide, November, 2002
Arguing For Less Restrictive Requirements for Third Parties in the American Political System, December, 2002
Wishing They Wouldn't "Fetus" So Much Crap, January, 2003
The Wal-Martians Are Coming, July 2003

Check out The Commentary Section at for twenty-plus primarly conservative essays, including five from me: the abortion and education commentaries found on this page and three written in 2001 and 2002.

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