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First I want to thank my online little sister, Melissa, for creating this SUPER COOL KICK ASS LAYOUT!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH @_@ Ahem ::cough:: Well, for the 5th version (Soothing Harmony) is a picture of Shinji from Evangelion playing his cello. If I had to pick one anime character that would be just like me, it would be him ^^; Quiet and shy yet will be strong to protect his friends... and he plays the cello so beautifully (my favorite instrument that I also play ^^) Beware, I have endless rants and I talk about a lot about serious and depressing things and have REALLY long entries @_@
Name- Halley T.
Age- 17, almost 18! ^^
Gender- Male
Likes- Friends, anime, mangas, yummy food, sleep, roleplaying, drawing, reading (some), cellos, listening to music, chatting, playing pool, and my super uber cool online family @_@

  October 31, 2003 - De Capo

Mood - Happy! ^_^
Music - Naruto 3rd Ending
*De Capo means to the begginning in musical terms

Wheeee... I'm back! Unfortunately I'm wayyyyyy too lazy to start writing iin my blog entry.. its almost midnight and I'm really sleepy ^^; Expect my traditional 500 page blog entries as usual =D