Bold and Illogical Card Moves

Section 1 - The Bevelled-Riffle Force
Finessed Bevelled-Riffle Force (Sav) (2 handlings)
As a Prophecy Force
The Non-Force Handling
Biddled-Riffle Prophecy Move (Sav)
Biddled-Riffle Top Force (Sav)
Variant Top-Card Force
Collins/Prophecy Move
A Couple of Finesses

Section 2 - The Illogical Riffle Force
Face-Down Illogical Riffle Force
Illogical Riffle Prophecy Forces
Face-Down Riffle Glimpse
Bluff One-Ahead Sequence
Face-Down Riffle Reverse
How Perceptive
Illusory-Removal Deck Switch
IRF/IDF Plus Gilbreath
Pseudo Memorisation Plus
Prediction-Modification Ruse
IRF Finesses
Thumb-Off Glimpse

Section 3 - The Illogical Dribble Force
Illogical Dribble Force
Multiple IDF
IDF Jokers
IDF Ace-Cutting
Randomised IDF Count-Down
Unimpaired Prefiguration

Section 4 - Illogical Controls & Forces
Illogical Control Notes
Slap Handling (Joseph Barry)
Finessed Side-Jog Handling (Joe Barry–Will Houstoun)
Illogical Self-Force
Named-Card Stab
Illogical Spread Control
Illogical Convincing Control
Mock Pass Notes
The Face-Up Pass

Section 5 - More Illogical Forces
Spread-Cross Force (Joseph Barry)
Illogical Undercut Force (Joe Barry)
Stepped-Undercut Force

Section 6 - Bold & Illogical False Shuffles
Pseudo Swivel-Strip Shuffle
Swivel-Strip Red-Black Shuffle
Illusory Swivel-Strip R-B Shuffle
Illogical In-Out Shuffle
False-Count Shuffle

Section 7 - Miscellaneous Moves
Slice Load
Easy Spectator-Cuts...
Bold Thumb-Off
Pseudo Top-Card Removal (3 versions)
Fake All-Around Square-Up
Plunger-Action AASU (as shown by Vernon)
Swivel-Turnaround Glimpse
Packet-Reversal Glimpse
Relay Revelation
Reverse IDF Prophecy Move
Packet-Reversal Glimpse Variations
Illogical Coin Switch (John Carey)

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