Impressionistic Poker Demos (2014)

More Spread-Count Stacks
Spread-Count Poker 3
Spread-Count Poker 4
Spread-Count Poker 5
1-5-4 Poker
1-5-4 Pseudo Overhand Cull-Stack
1-5-4 Blackjack (2 versions)
Spread-Count Hold ‘em
Split Pick-Up Spread-Count Stacks (5 versions)
The Spread-Separation Concept
Spread-Separation Cull-Stack
Seven-Card Full-House Combination Cull
Making the Rounds (Dylan Holmes)
Frank Lane Returns
Hold-Out Hold ‘em
Pick-Up Restacking (Benjamin Earl) (4 methods)
Spread-Loaded Pseudo Centres (2 methods)
Spread-Loaded Overhand Stack
Four Fantastic Centres
Basic Bottom Deal (Edward Marlo)
Extended Face-Up Poker Plus Sucker Hand
A Switch on the Three Jacks
100% Poker Deals
The Ghost of Rakinakis
Other 100% Poker Deals
Alternatives for the Streamlined Overhand Cull-Stack
Prefigured Poker Deal
Performer Fiddles While Spectator Burns
Appendix I: Sav on the Full-House Deal – An Object-Lesson in Creating Meaning, Context and Presentation
Appendix II: Notes on Pseudo Cheating Demos and Effects