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Step 1 Deep Cleansing range
Step 2 Whitening and Smoothing Experience
Step 3   Sun Protection range
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Skin Care Range


At the institute of Plastic Surgery (Singapore), we have developed a range of products to suit a variety of skin types; from the dry, sensitive to the oily, acne-prone skin.

The products were conceived and gradually developed over the past 10 years, drawing on the expertise of our doctors, as well as the ever increasing needs of our clients.

Our skin care program is simple to use, ranging from 1 to 4 steps, depending on the complexity and requirements of the client.
Step 1: Deep cleansing range
Step 2: Whitening and Smoothing experience
Step 3: Sun Protection range
Step 4: Luxurious masks

They may be purchased from any of our branches or offices, and our skin care assistants or doctors will be at hand to answer any queries as well as to give recommendations for your skin type.