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Here's a '94 Chevy 3/4 ton Silvarado with a new 2002 "Vax 2.1" High Dump Model

The truck, never before used as a sweeper, was impeccably maintained, and most recently has had the transmision replaced, along with a new A/C compressor and starter.

The sweeper is the "Vax 2.1" HP, which has the high performance 28" aluminum fan. Options included are:

Water Spray System For Dust Control

Pressure Bleed Off (For Picking Up Light-Heavy Debris)

Warning Light ; Curb Lights ; Storage/Tool Box ; Placement For Push Broom, Shovel, BackPack Blower ect.

Come Check Out This Sweeper, You Will Find Nothing Else Better, Or Quality Built As This. We are currently using this sweeper in our own fleet so please call for current mileage and hours. The price below reflects a $8,000.00 discount off the original price.

Sale Priced At Only : $15,900

If you have any other questions, you can simply Contact Me. Your awnser will arive shortly.