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Ballistica Maximus Corp.
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Riot control vehicle, from new manufacture.


Manta Riot Control Vehicle.


To be made from current production, delivery period according to quantities, after receipt of acceptable payment.


According to build specs'


Export of the commodities described herein is strictly prohibited without a valid export license issued by the U.S. Department of State, Office of Defense Trade Controls prescribed in the International Traffic in Arms Regulations(ITAR).

Please Contact Us For Updated Specifications. We have incorporated an array of operational and technical improvements.

Manta Riot Control Vehicle & Customer Spec Varients

MANTA Riot Control Vehicle

• International 4900 Chassis equipped with 7-speed DT-466, 210-hp diesel engine.

Standard Components
• Armored to NIJ Level III (7.62 NATO).
• High-pressure Independent Pump
• High-pressure Water Dispensing Cannon Capable Of Multi-Directional Movement With Joystick Remote Control.
• 900-Gallon Main Water Tank With Dual Fill Options and Bottom Drain.700 & 1350 gal water storage available.
• One (1) 35 Gallon Sub Tank Capable of Dispensing Dyes or Chemicals.
• Chemical/Dye Proportioning System.
• AC/DC Converter Electrical System To Provide Constant Voltage To All Systems.
• Dual High Intensity Halogen Searchlights Mounted To Cannon.
• PA/Siren System
• Composite Run-Flat Tire Inserts
• High Capacity Air Conditioning and Re-circulating Unit.
• High Capacity Heating Unit with Climate Control Settings.
• Heavy Duty Towing Hooks.
• Large Open Crew Compartment Providing Unobstructed Visibility
• Ample System Access/Gun Ports With Universal Locking System

Optional System
• Secondary water cannon and control panel
• Vehicle wash down system
• Bottom wash down system
• Under carriage foam system
• Flashing light bar
• Video camera with closed circuit monitor
• Removable mesh protective screens to protect all major transparencies
• Barricade Remover

The MANTA is the ultimate crowd and riot control vehicle; its many systems are designed to safely end potentially dangerous situations. The vehicle is fully armored and comes equipped with dual anti-riot water cannons, as well as many other features. The Manta has an open cab and control room area to provide excellent communication and visual contact between driver and system operators. It has a crew capacity of 6-7 passengers. Included in the design are many access ports and storage compartments.

The vehicle is equipped with a Navistar International DT 466E HT HEUI Electronic diesel engine.
It provides 210 HP @ 2300 RPM, and 605 lb-ft torque @ 1450 RPM, 2400 RPM governed speed.
The transmission is a manual 7-speed with overdrive. (Complete chassis specifications available
upon request)

The Manta vehicle is armored to defeat the 7.62mm x 51 NATO (M80) Ball round at velocities up to 2750 feet per second. The vehicle will defeat these and lesser threats and provide multi-hit protection.

The main body is constructed of high hard ballistic steel. All sides are protected, including the firewall, front and rear of the vehicle, roof and floor. Additionally, the battery is armored and the vehicle contains an anti-explosive fuel tank.

The transparent armor is fabricated from multiple layers of glass and urethane interlayer. A polycarbonate spall shield is laminated to the protected side of the glass. The windshield, driver’s side window, passenger side window, and the front and sides of the control room tower are protected with removable steel wire screens. The screens aid in the protection against projectiles and other miscellaneous objects that may be of threat to the vehicle. The screens are installed and removed by means of a solid slide on post and a push-lock ring fastener.

The Sidewinder™ remote controlled water cannons are constructed of durable lightweight Elk-OLite and contain a 2.0" vaned waterway. They are located on the roof above the main cab compartment and are capable of multidirectional movement. Additionally, the stainless steel worm gears are fully enclosed for protection from the elements. There is a view port above the seats in the control room, which allows for unobstructed vision of the cannon’s movement. They are operated by means of a joystick control. (see below)
The main cannon (left) is controlled from the left seat and the secondary cannon from the right seat. Just in front of the rear seats, mounted to the pedestals, is a gauge cluster containing the instrumentation associated with that controller. The left side contains the main water tank
information, while the right control panel contains the chemical and dye information.

• Vertical travel of 1500, 35Q0 horizontal.
• Double ball races with stainless steel bearings.
• Electric gear motors totally enclosed and sealed.
• Manual override in the event of power failure.
• Operating voltage 1 2VDC or 24VDC with maximum draw of 4 amps.
• 2.0" NPT female inlet, 1.5" NHT male outlet.

The lighted control panels contains liquid gauges and a joystick controller. The joystick controls all four (4) functions: monitor right/left: monitor up/down; nozzle straight stream (thumb switch on top of joystick): and water on/off (trigger switch on front of joystick).
Dimensions: Length, 8.625"; Width, 4.6875"; Height, 9.50".

The main water pump operated by means of a hydraulically driven power take off system. This pump provides water pressure for all cannon spraying systems and the wash down system.
The pump’s flow rate, measured in gallons per minute (GPM), varies with nozzle diameters and different rates of pressure, measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). There is a one-inch nozzle on the Sidewinder monitor. The flow rate is operable up to 250 GPM. At this rate the nozzle outputs approximately 72 PSI.
Using a one-inch nozzle the systems output ranges from 5 PSI releasing 66 GPM to 72 PSI releasing 250 GPM.

The water cannon tank has the capability of carrying 2000 gallons of water. Incorporated into the main tank is one (2) 50-gallon sub tanks. These tanks are for the chemical systems (see figure 6.0) and are be pressurized. All tanks are accessible from the top. The main tank is filled by means of a top fill port or a standard fire hose and hydrant.

The left water cannon has the ability to spray chemical solutions. There is a proportioning system designed to operate with the power of the pump water flow, which injects the agent as necessary to meet the desired percentage mixture. This system will proportion at various flows and percentages from a 0 to 10% solution inducted into the water flow. Adjustments can be made while operating. The left cannon has an adjustable throat, which will alter the chemical spray. By moving the throat you can change from spraying a stream to a fine mist. The mist setting will give reduced distance and may be desirable for some applications. There is one 50-gallon tank mounted inside of the main tank for the chemical storage. It is filled from the top exterior by means of a filler tube.

The left water cannon also has the ability to inject a semi-permanent marking dye into the water stream. There is an additional 50-gallon tank located inside the main tank for the concentrated dye storage. This tank also has an external filler tube located on the left top exterior of the vehicle. The dye injection system is operated with an identical proportioning unit as the chemical system. The dye enters the water flow before the main water pump. This system will only function in conjunction with the water cannon spray. The dye injection system is operated from the right joy stick controller.

The color video camera is mounted on a mast capable of being raised or lowered. The camera can be raised up to 24 inches above the main water tank. The camera is enclosed in an aluminum weatherproof housing. It is mounted to a multidirectional pan and tilt unit providing nearly unlimited movement and near 340 degrees rotation. It has a lens with wide angle and telephoto capabilities along with focus controls. With the wide angle setting, and the camera rotated towards the rear, the camera and monitor can be used for better visibility when operating the vehicle in reverse.

The vehicle is equipped with dual, high intensity quartz halogen searchlights, which are mounted to the primary cannon. These lights project a 100 vertical by 200 horizontal beam with a reflective range of 2600 feet (792m). The lights meet S.A.E. Standards and provide excellent photometric accuracy.

The vehicle is equipped with a Red Dot heater/air conditioner package. This system is designed for armored vehicles and offers the highest capacity of any Red Dot system. The system offers simple service and an evaporator filter.



Heating- 46,000 BTU/Hr @ 1 500F (11,592 kcal/h @ 660C) water to air differential Cooling- 33,000 BTU/Hr with 360F (8,316 kcal/h @ 2.20C) refrigerant temperature and 800F (26.70C) wet bulb entering air.

Air Flow:

430 CFM (730 m3/h)


47 lbs. (21kg)


One three-speed

Current Draw:

22.5 amps @ 13.6 VDC (includes 4 amps A/C clutch), 11.2 amps @ 27.2 VDC (includes 2 amps for A/C clutch)

All transparencies and transparent armor and is protected by removable steel wire mesh screens. The screens aid in the protection against thrown at the vehicle. The drivers compartment screens must be removed before operating on the highway. The screens are installed and removed my means of a solid slide on post and a push lock ring fastener.

The vehicle is equipped with composite Run-Flat tire inserts. The Run-Flat helps protect the driver/passengers, while driving on a flat tire, allowing the vehicle to continue mobility until the diver can locate a protected area. The flat tire mobility is of FINABEL 20A 5 Standards of 50 kilometer run-flat operation.

The Manta has two- (2) external wash down features. In the event of coming into contact with any contaminant, the effects can be washed away quickly. There is one wash down system located on the roof of the vehicle and one located under the front of the vehicle. The wash down features work in conjunction with the main water pump.

In addition to the wash down systems the vehicle is equipped with an under carriage foam dispensing system for the extinguishing of fires.

A rigid steel barricade remover is mounted on the front of the vehicle and is capable of being raised and lowered from inside the drivers cab. The plow has the ability to move obstacles of up to 3 tons in weight. In the up position the plow has a ground clearance of 50cm.

Vehicle Categories:

A. Ford, Chevrolet, Buick, Chrysler, Mercury, Jetta
B. Jeep, Blazer, Bronco, Tahoe,Explorer, Durango
C. Suburban,Range Rover,Toyota, Expedition, Lexus
D. Mercedes,Lexus,BMW, Nissan
E. Cadillac,Lincoln
F. Pickup (Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge)
Standard Equipment:
(Included in Quotation) Curved windshield (rear and sides) Roof, floor and firewall armor (grenade protection)
Fuel tank (fuel cell)
Hidden gunports (4) Battery armor
Siren and public address system
Standard Protection Levels: Level III-A 38cal, 9MM, .357Magnum; Level III; 38cal, 9MM, .357Magnum, 44Magnum; Level IV; All of the above plus: 30.06 (M-1), 7.62 (AK-47, M-14), 5.62 (M-16)
Available Options:
80-AMP Heavy Duty Battery
Battery Armor Box
Bomb Protection Blanket
Bullet Resistant Vest
Bullet Resistant Sun Roof
Burglar Alarm with Remote Beeper
CD Player
Color Television
Delivery to Port of Entry (Texas)
Dispensing Service Bar
Double Privacy Partition
Dual Battery System
Electric Door Locks
Electric Shock System (110 Volts)
Emergency Road Repair Kit
Emergency Oxygen
Emergency First Aid Kit
Emergency Trunk Release
Engine Fire Suppressant System
Exterior Lighting
Flashing Emergency Lights Behind Grill
Five Pound ABC Fire Extinguisher
Gun ports (Rear, for Jeeps and Suburbans)
Halogen Lights (2)
Intercom System, Inside to Outside Oil Slick System Radiator Protection – Louvers
Radiator Protection – Screen
Ram Bumpers (Rear)
Ram Bumpers (Front)
Remote Start
Road Block (Portable)
Roll Up and Down Windows (Priced Individually)
Safety Rollers (Priced Individually)
Siren and Public Address System
Smoke Deterrent System
Special Hidden Compartment
Strobe Lights
Tack Dispensing System
Teargas System
Transmission Cooler
Two Way Communication Radio
DVD Player

Armoring is labor intensive, requiring a great deal of skill and attention to detail on the part of the technicians. Armortek employees take genuine pride in the quality of their workmanship, and are unfailing in their commitment to giving each project their best effort.

Our 50,000 square foot state of the art production facility is located on 4 acres just north of Dallas Texas.Besides being trained in the latest techniques, Armortek’s skilled craftsmen are equipped with the latest advancements in tooling and equipment. Our continual engagement in research and development has earned us a reputation as an innovator in the armoring of new types of vehicles.

Because we invest so much quality and effort in each vehicle, we are proud to stand our workmanship.Armortek fully warranties the armor and craftsman ship of the vehicles it produces for two full years. If an unforeseen problem should arise that cannot be corrected by local craftsman, a technician from the company will be flown to the site of the vehicle to rectify the problem.