May 3, 2004




Letter of Reference for Sonia Rodriguez

Tender Lovin' Daycare



            Personally, my husband and I have known Sonia Rodriguez for 5 years.  Mrs. Rodriguez has taken care of both of my children.  My oldest son began care with Mrs. Rodriguez at 18 months old and my youngest son began care when he was 3 months old.

My oldest son still loves to go and visit "Miss Sonia" on holidays.  

            Mrs. Rodriguez shows a tremendous amount of care for her children at Tender Lovin' Daycare.  Each child is given an incredible amount of attention and love.   Being a teacher in the public school system, I understand the amount of energy that goes into planning a day with children.  Mrs. Rodriguez goes above and beyond the call of duty in planning activities for the children at Tender Lovin' Daycare.  Each child receives activities based on their age level each and everyday. The activities planned for the children are always child centered and well organized.   

            I would highly recommend Sonia Rodriguez owner of Tender Lovin' Daycare to any parent as a childcare provider.


Thank you,


Ginnie Stokes