May 5, 2004

To interested parents:


As we get older my wife and I look back on decisions we made about raising our children and realize that we made many mistakes, but we also did many things right.  It was only through the grace of God the right things prevailed over the mistakes. Now my children have children, and are facing the same decisions. Guess what? That makes me a Papa, and Papas want what is right for their grandchildren.


As a dutiful father and grandfather, I watch the decisions my children make for themselves and their children. With great pride, I am very pleased with most of the decisions they’ve made.  Among the best decisions they’ve made was  placing my grandchildren at Ms. Sonia’s ‘Tender Lovin Daycare’.  


I have had to pick my grandchildren up many times and have been very pleased with the care and love my grandchildren receive.  They get more than a babysitter.  They get nourishment for body and soul.  I have told my daughter many times that she could not have found a better place for her children.  (The truth is, I said my grandchildren.)


This is more than a reference. It is a recommendation.


Thank you,

Danny Starling