April 29, 2004


To Whom It May Concern:


I have known Sonia and her family for just over three years. She has watched my three year old son since he was only ten weeks old, and my four month old since he was nine weeks old.


Obviously, I believe that Sonia provides the best care available to my children; otherwise I would find another day care. Entrusting someone else to watch your children is one of the most important and most difficult choices you have to make. You have to feel comfortable that this person (or people) will allocate any needed one on one time to your child while still maintaining a watchful eye over the other children in his/her care. I can tell you that Sonia treats my children as if they were her own. She truly loves all the children under her care. She goes out of her way to give each of them special attention and bonding time.


Tender Lovin is not a baby sitting facility: it is an atmosphere where the children play, learn, and develop friendships. Over the past three years, I have been part of many different approaches that Sonia has taken to teaching the children. One year, she spent each week going over a letter of the alphabet. Another year she had dedicated “theme” weeks. These weeks were spent learning about different topics from farms to weather to plants. The kids were so excited each day that they did not want “school time” to end. This year, as the kids rotated through different centers, one center was “Sonia Center”. During this time, the children would work with Sonia on activity books specifically addressing their developmental level.  Every day, these kids go over the alphabet (in English and Spanish), colors, numbers, and more. As with the other parents, I am so thankful that she has spent time teaching each of the children his/her phone number and how to dial it on a phone.  How many three year olds can recite his/her phone number by heart? It is truly amazing and a tribute to the time and dedication Sonia puts into her work.


Another important aspect of a home day care center is to feel comfortable with the provider’s family. Sonia has four children of her own. They range in ages from five to eighteen. Each one of these children is polite and helpful. Each child is well mannered and well behaved. They share their toys, their time, and their mother with the children under her care.


I am assuming that you are considering Tender Lovin for your child. I can tell you that Sonia puts all she has into making this day care as good as it can be. She spends uncountable hours planning activities for the children. Nothing is done haphazardly. She also takes time out to update parents frequently in regards to what the children are doing during the day.


I am leaving Tender Lovin’ with a heavy heart.  Our family has relocated to another state, and I know that my two boys will miss the other children, Sonia’s family, and most of all Sonia. Should you have any specific questions of me, I will be forwarding my new e-mail address to Sonia as soon as we are relocated.





Christine Kromer

Mother of Wyatt & Ethan.


In addition to the above comments, I would like to add that Tender Lovin’ was the first and only Daycare that we used with our children.  We shopped around, and found that there is really ‘no competition’ to the level of care that Sonia provides. 


I would go so far as to say that the one-on-one stimulation and development that Sonia provides cannot be matched at any price.  As new parents, she also helped in establishing daily ‘routine’ for Wyatt and Ethan.  This made the decision to use daycare more comfortable for us as parents, and for our children.


Our Son(s) recognize Sonia, and the surroundings that she provides as another ‘home’.  This gave us a feeling that we were leaving our children with family rather than a daycare.

If you are considering Tender Lovin’ daycare, be assured that you could not make a better choice for childcare.






Mark Kromer

Father of Wyatt & Ethan