May 6, 2004
Letter of Reference
To Whom it May Concern:
My husband and I used Tender Lovin' Daycare (Sonia Rodriguez) from the time our son was 12 weeks old until he was two and a half years old.  Unfortunately, at the time of her birth, Sonia did not have an opening to accommodate our second child, so we chose to place both children in an alternate day care.  Finding a new day care was one of the most stressful times we faced as parents, because we needed to find someone who could provide the level of care that we had grown accustomed to while at Tender Lovin'.
Sonia does an excellent job of providing structured and unstructured learning (including manners!), the right level of discipline, and love, for each child and age group within her care.  She goes above and beyond the call of duty in terms of all of these aspects of her services. 
Sonia made my transition from maternity leave back to work much less stressful than I had hoped for, by providing me with updates on how Tyler was progressing throughout the day.  I quickly came to realize that I did not need to worry about my son's well-being while he was in her care.  She treats all of her "students" as if they were her own children, and they in turn love her like their own mother.  She fosters an environment where parents feel free to talk with her about the care of their children, and encourages parents to participate in the events of the day care facility.  
I would highly recommend Sonia and Tender Lovin' to any parent.  She has had an enormous, positive impact on our son, and we look forward to the times when we can visit with her through drop-in care and other activities.
Susan McLeroy