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Comanche Nation Offices of Environmental Programs

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To Preserve, Protect and Maintain
Together We Can Make a Difference

Solid Waste/Illigal Dump Sites Management

Indoor Air Quality

Environmetal Network Program

Equine Program

Protecting Our Lands

With the advance environmental technology and trainings being available to the Environmental Programs. The protection, maintenance and preservation of precious resources of the Comanche People can be fully recognized, as our ancestors took pride in care of the native environment. The Environmental Program carries forward the traditions.

The Comanche Nation is still leading the efforts in the protection of the land, air, and the water.

ďAs true Lordís of the PlainsĒ.

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Environmental Personnel

  • Director: David Tsoodle
  • Assistant Director and Equine: Lynn Schonchin
  • Admin. Assistant: Donnita Sovo
  • Network Manager and Environmentalists: Ted Villicana
  • Network Technician: Tamera Wilson
  • Water and Indoor Air Quality Specialist: Henson Ototivo and Mike Sanchez
  • Solid Waste/Illigal Dump Managemaent: Supervisor-George Tahdooahnippah, Technicians- Wendy Koassechony, Calvert Nevaquaya, Kyle Tahpay
  • Equine Technician: William Tosee Jr.

To contact our offices by mail or phone:

Comanche Nation Office of Environmental Programs
P.O. Box 908
Lawton, OK 73502
Phone: 580-492-3734/492-3754
Toll Free: 1-877-492-4988
Fax: 580-492-3733

Please send any comments to our email - cnoep@

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