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The Newfoundland Speedway

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Newfoundland Races video
1948 Race Flyer
1949 Newspaper ad
Racetrack Photos 1
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Races Newspaper Writeup
Bart Scudjeri
Sky Ball

The Newfoundland Speedway in Newfoundland, NJ was a 1/3-mile dirt oval track with a “dog leg” jog in it, they ran “motorcycles only” for four years from 1948 to 1951. It was sponsored by The Paterson Motorcycle Club who were also AMA members with charter 477. They were doing events as far back as 1924, but I don’t know when they formed that club. The Cycle Alley Riders club was formed in the 1940’s by Paul Riedel who was born in 1922. The race track and farm was owned by Richard John Boulden and his wife Violet M. Cole. It stopped running because Richard sold the farm in 1952. It was also known as The Union Valley Ranch and was located at 358 Union Valley Road Newfoundland, NJ. Time trials were sometimes held on Saturday. When the track closed they used to have auctions there.” To promote the races they used a company called Modern Artcraft Printing Company located in Springfield, Ohio. They created the posters and the signs to post along the road. This company had a package deal for 400 placards, 100 posters, 50 arrow signs, 1000 tickets, 50 entry blanks and everything necessary to put on a race for around $50. They supplied all the artwork and were very popular with many area racetracks. Thanks to Smitty, Larry, Rodger, Ed, and all the people who helped gather this information to share here. This sitecreated by Pete De Mattia,any additions or corrections, email me: