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Created March 2002 - Updated January 25, 2012

P. June Diehl

Writer, Teacher, Editor, and Writing Coach

The Magic & the Mundane: A Guide for the Writer's Journey,
is now available.

PUBLISHED BY: ePress Online
An Imprint of Writopia, Inc.
ISBN: 0 9708635 4 3

NOTE: The publisher is no longer in business.
I have physical books I can sell and also a PDF version of the book.

You can pay using PayPal.

To order the print version at
$18.99 USD (includes shipping and handling):

To order the PDF ebook version at
$3.99 USD:

Make your check or money order to:
P. June Diehl
$18.00 US (includes shipping and handling)

P. June Diehl
10820 Woodland Drive
Fredericksburg, VA 22407

Information from the back cover:

The writer's world is both magical, the art of writing, and mundane, the craft. Journey with your host and guide, Esumera, muse extraordinaire, and her feline companion, Mystique, as they inspire you to explore the magic or writing and elevate the mundane.

P. June Diehl's The Magic & The Mundane: A Guide for the Writer's Journey offers a creative approach to broaden your writing journey by providing:
- How to tap into your own unique creative process and unique voice,
- Information on the elements of writing and how to use these to better your writing,
- Multiple ideas and techniques to explore in finding what works for you,
- How to write and achieve your writing goals,
- Information and suggestions for mastering the business side of writing (publication, agents, editors, marketing, etc.),
- Fiction, publishing, and scriptwriting terms,
- Inspiration and motivation through examples and writing exercises that permit you to harness what you learn into your writing,
- A special section on writing poetry including an exercise, even if you've never written a poem before,
- Approaches to novel writing,
- Pitfalls and scams to avoid,
- Resources for research and expanding the writer's knowledge of the craft.

Bonus! Included in The Magic & the Mundane: A Guide for the Writer's Journey is a Writer's Book of Days - over 360 unique and inspiring writing prompts.

Become the writer you're meant to be!

Born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, author P. June Diehl resides east of the Blue Ridge Mountains, where she teaches and coaches writers locally and online. Her short stories have been published in print and online, and she is currently working on several novels and other writing projects. She lives with five furry friends.

Mother, grandmother, crafter, and artist, Elizabeth A. Diehl enjoys retirement in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, and visiting her mountain property in Highland County, where the cover photo was taken.

I'm more than an editor! Let me critique your fiction or nonfiction, and discover ways you can grow as a writer. Contact me at iwriteforyou@hotmail.com

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I love to develop courses and to teach. Recently I began developing and teaching writing courses. Check out my teaching experience and my courses and workshops.

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