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The superior floppy formatting utility software

2003 Copyright Cygnus Technologies

About DiskFix

DiskFix is a unique formatting software for 1.44 MB floppy disks available for the first time. It can do some amazing things, hitherto not possible. DiskFix saves you money too !

You can

  1. Format and use floppies with damaged Track 0(Track zero), which cannot be formatted using MSDOS or Windows 95/98/NT/2000.
  2. Recover bad sector areas to use full 1.44 MB.
  3. Expand floppy capacity upto 1.7 MB. Store more and save money.
  4. Format new or undamaged floppy disks too.

 Order DiskFix for just US$14.95 (single user)

For 26 to 50 users $ 13.00 each
51 to 100 users $ 11.50 each
101 to 150 users $ 10.00 each
151 to 200 users $ 9.50 each
201+ users $ 8.00 each

Avoid buying new floppy disks and save your money !

To order, send check for US$ 14.95 in favor of Kishore R. Patil to:

Kishore R. Patil

Cygnus Technologies Inc.

# 1207/1, 2nd Block, BEL Layout


Bangalore 560 097



OR send payment by wire-transfer for faster delivery. Mail to to receive wire-transfer details.