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Puffercatch is an original game by me. I personally think it's a good game as an average person who downloaded the game, not as the creator. That's all I have to say. It's not going to bring you "HOURS AND HOURS OF FUN!!" and it's not the "GREATEST GAME EVER!!" but it still is a good game (at least I think so). It's compressed in a "ZIP" file, so you need an unpacking program such as WinZip (click the "Install" button after downloading it; most unpackers have this feature and it works for installation), or Windows XP (which has ZIP file support integrated into itself) to open it. If you experience trouble with graphics, run the installation program a second time, but click "Change Graphic Drivers" and change the drivers to the other option. If it still doesn't work, well... I can't help you.

System Requirements:

If you bought a new computer in the last 5 years, then your computer almost (99-100% chance) definitely supports Puffercatch.
Windows 95 or better (sorry, no Mac version available)
Pentium-133 or better
(Optional) Sound card and speakers or headphones

Game description:

In Puffercatch, the objective is simple: catch falling objects (the white things pictured in the screenshot). However, it's a bit more complex than that. Random direction changes, mid-air cloning, etc. Good luck!