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American Petroleum Promotions - Fraud Alert Information

If you are a current ISR (Independent Sales Rep) for American Petroleum Promotions (APP) and wonder why you have been left out in the cold:

Here are some helpful links for you to use to complete the complaint process:

Better Business Bureau
Missouri Attorney General's Office
United States Federal Trade Commission
What's the scoop on MLM opportunities?
MLM Watchdog Site - good source of information on many MLM
Find the Attorney General's Office in your state
See BBB Report on APP! New Website!
***NEW 1-19-05*** Informative site with downloadable
***NEW 12-10-05*** Interesting site found on the


January 18, 2009

A check (2nd one received) from the Missouri AG's office arrived. This was the other half of the full amount owed to us by Mr. Comer. A letter came along with the check explaining that now that we've been reimbursed fully, the case is now closed. It also went on to explain the thousands and thousands of dollars that have been paid back to ISR's that were left out in the cold by Comer so many years ago. Oh, and payment was WITHOUT interest, which was mentioned by Comer several years ago. Oh well, at least the money was paid back, and an education is worth more than a few dollars. I know I haven't been taken for a sucker since the Comer nightmare.

I hope 2009 will put the nightmare to bed for the rest of you as well.

I'll leave this site up for the rest of 2009, then I'll take it down. I'd still be interested in hearing your stories and status of your Comer scam.

Happy New Year! Best wishes to you and your family! I sincerely hope the horrible economy recovers soon and we can all survive these terrible times.


December 3, 2008

My office hasn't received updates or additional information from Missouri AG's office in some time. Please forward any updates or news. Thanks


Long Overdue Update

October 13, 2007

I haven't heard much from anyone about the progress in reclaiming their refund checks. We also haven't received any other funds from Comer either. He still owes my family $300.00. This site will remain active until all ISR's have received their money back. Also, haven't seen much about the "new" APP either. Flash in the pan...hope no one gets victimized with that operation like they did with the old regime. Enjoy your autumn...and don't forget to keep me posted!



August 15, 2006 - UPDATE!

Re: State of Missouri ex rel. v Franklin David Comer Case # 04CR127307, Div 2

Dear Consumer,

Enclosed you find a check in the sum of $150.00. This check is for partial restitution of your previous payment to American Petroleum Products/American Petroleum Products (APP).

To date, the Office of Missouri Attorney General Jerimiah W (Jay) Nixon has collected $47,549.61 from Mr. David Comer, owner of APP, for victim restitution.

Be advised that a total of 292 restitution checks, all in the sum of $150.00, are being sent out at this time, representing partial restitution payments totalling $43,800.00.

In addition to the 292 consumers who have been sent partial restitution checks, 115 other consumers, who have filed complaints with this office, but have not yet provided sufficient proof of their losses, will have their claims reviewed for partial restitution payout when the restitution pool is sufficiently funded.

As monies are collected from Mr. David Comer, additional partial restitution payouts will be made. We will keep you advised accordingly.

Sincerely, Rex M. Burlison Chief Counsel, Eastern District

Wow! Finally! At least it's something. I don't know from that letter whether full restitution will be paid or not...hope so. I won't stop until every last one of us is paid in full! I'd appreciate if you would let me know if you've received your checks yet. It'll be so nice to put all this behind us. Keep us posted, and I'll keep you posted! One day, I hope I can close this website for good! Enjoy the rest of your summer! Rob

December, 2005

Nothing to report. I've heard nothing from anyone about anyone receiving their refunds. I'm not surprised either. About the only real activity is the influx of spam on the message board here. I turned it off so you won't have to wade through all that crap. Well, hope everyone has a happy holiday season. Let's hope 2006 brings an end to our waiting. It would be nice if we could move on and put all this horrible experience behind us once and for all.


When will we receive reimbursement for gas cards and sales aids we purchased 2 years ago and never received? They were paid for... Request: So when will it be?

Customer Service Date: 05/04/2005 10:37


While we at the New APP Gas, Inc. understand your concerns about refunds coming from APP, we want to inform you, New APP Gas, Inc. is a new business enity; New APP Gas, Inc. has no affiliation, in regards to refunds, with the previous organization (Old APP).

In our discussions with the owner of the old APP organization, he assured us he has every intention to take care of any and all refunds that are due those old members. If you have further questions you can send your requests and inquiries to the old APP organization at: The New APP Gas, Inc. Customer Service

Comer has every intention of repaying all of the old-timers the money he owes us. So, has anyone received their "refunds" yet?


Per information from the 3-1 conference call, APP will re-open March 28th, if everything is in place. The APP web site is scheduled to be up and running by March 15th. Now this is just information from the conference call, so don’t shoot the messenger. Dave Comer will begin refunding for gas cards in June. It will start with the oldest purchases refunded first. He expects it to take 10+ months to refund everyone. This refund has nothing to do with the New APP. The new owners name is Robert Grammer. All former ISRs will have 60 days to re-activate to keep there place in the binary structure. That re-activation is the sale of 3 memberships. Gas card memberships and ISRs are now separate entities. You could became an ISR in the old APP just by purchasing a gas card membership. In the new APP you have to make 3 personal sales to qualify to become an ISR. There is also a $99 charge for the use of the APP back-office. I don’t know if that is needed to make sales or not. It is more of a tracking tool, I think. Previous Gas Card Purchase Memberships will be reactivated approximately 60 days after re-opening of APP. The membership will be good for the number of months you had remaining as of June of 2003, plus 3 months. In other words, if you bought a membership in Jan. 2003, you will have 6 months, plus 3 months from approximately May 28th to purchase gas cards. After that you will have to renew. New customers/memberships will be active immediately for purchasing gas cards. The membership will cost $299.95. For that you can buy 12 cards at $150.00 each. The cards will be worth $200 at the pump or for any gas station purchase.

January 21, 2005 Some questions have been raised about how the "refund process" will be handled by APP/Comer. At this point, I would recommend listening in/participating in the weekly (Monday morning) conference calls with Mr. Comer. The only other suggestion would be to contact the Missouri Attorney General's office directly. I don't recommend sending the AG email or snail mail letters because I have YET to receive a reply. Phone contact seems to gain some results. As soon as we hear something definite, the information (once verified) will be posted on this site. Links to the AG's office are posted here on the site for you. Information on how to participate in APP's weekly conference calls is also available on this site. Check back often for further information. I'll post it as soon as I can.


Interested in participating on APP's Conference Calls? Well, here is the number you'll need to do it!

This call can be heard live on Monday's 10am CST at (580) 474-3354 Pin: 1391#

I was an ISR (Independent Sales Representative) for American Petroleum Promotions (APP). As many of you may know, APP has closed its doors and failed to keep its promise to reopen them on September 1, 2003. APP has made LITTLE effort to communicate its intentions with their ISR's and customers. After doing some checking into the matter, we've been advised to file complaints with the Missouri Attorney General's office as well as the Better Business Bureau. I am highly recommending you do the same. I hope you were lucky enough to not have paid for, but never received, gas cards, business aids, not to mention the remainder of your yearly membership with APP.

Here is some information you will need when filing your complaint:

Please note: This is the last known official address and phone number of APP.

American Petroleum Promotions 6034 Young Ct Saint Charles, MO 63304

Original Business Start Date: January 2001

Principal: C. Dave Comer, President

Phone Number: (636) 720-2000 Fax Number: (636) 561-8582

Email Address: Be advised that any emails sent to any current address come back undelivered. Also all letters get returned.

Check below for more address and phone info

BREAKING NEWS! February 24, 2005 - UPDATE

News from David Comer February 11, 2005 Soon we will be announcing the reopening of APP. We will begin holding conference calls Monday through Thursday at 8:00 PM Central Standard Time. We will continue to have the Monday morning call at 10:00 AM Central Standard Time. The new conference call number is 1-503-767-1300; Pin No. is 28529; this will be effective February 14, 2005.

Received an interesting guest book entry within the past few days. I appreciate the information, but I strongly disagree with your opinion that Mr. Comer has done a good job "keeping in touch" with ISRs. At any rate, there is a new web link for everyone to check out if you want to "hear it from the horse's mouth" from conference calls. (I hope you don't mind that I'm making your site public.) I won't post your guest book entry. Check out the site. I haven't listened to any of the calls yet for the simple fact I've already had my share of bullshit to last a decade or two.

Happy New Year! We haven't heard any news until just yesterday when we received a two-page letter from the Missouri Attorney General's office. I will share the letter when I am able to scan it then post it on this site for you. The AG says they'll be working out a restitution plan soon and they'll keep us posted. I hope we won't have to wait until 2056 to see our money, because frankly, I don't think I'll live that long. ;)

I also noticed there isn't any updates on Comer's site. Someone said they're still doing the conference calls. Is that true? If so, what in the world could they be talking about? Horror stories? Seriously...if anyone still thinks of doing any business with Comer or any of his flunkies, they need to make and appointment to get their heads examined.

I'll try to have the letter from Missouri's AG posted shortly. If you hear any news, please let me know!

Hope your new year is off to a good start, and may 2005 be the year we can put this nightmare behind us.

Some very interesting guest book entries. One in particular I'd like to respond to comes from someone claiming to be Mr. Comer's niece:

I don't know who you sent your email to, or who sent you any emails. I do know one thing for certain: Your uncle conducted himself very badly. HAD he communicated frequently with APP ISR's, perhaps we wouldn't even be having these problems in the first place. On this website, you will find every single email message your uncle sent to ISRs when things started to tank. There was an immense void between emails. No communication, phone lines disconnected, letters sent to APP returned to sender, no information from the "famed" APP leaders...what else is one to conclude? Mr. Comer gave every impression to most of us that he took our money and fled! This smells very much of corruption. I don't give a rat's hind-end if he got in over his head! When one takes money from a customer, one expects what he/she pays for in return. To be fair, Mr. Comer may very well be a fine man, but his ACTIONS or lack thereof, and the consequences that resulted rest squarely on his shoulders. Not ours.

So now we had our day in court. Your uncle had to be ordered by a judge to pay everyone back. Your uncle has a heavy prison sentence hanging over his head. Five years of probation. In my opinion, not an icecubes chance in hell of ever conducting a successful business ever again. I know I won't be burned again.

Next time you do speak to your uncle, you might remind him that we're all waiting. Not for an explanation, an apology, or another business venture. We're waiting for our money back. And soon.

...and now, a word from Mr. Comer:

For the Members of APP: The refund process that was due to begin in July has been delayed. Due to a lack of funding, problems with the legal process, and certain administrative issues, the refund process will not start till some time in the future. I hope that funding will come in the next 30 days to satisfy this situation; once funding is available, we then will have to resolve some legal issues, and then move forward to resolve the administrative problems. Just as soon as I have something definite to announce, I will announce the same on the 10 AM, Monday morning conference call. As I've shared with you in the past, once funding is available, I anticipate 30 to 45 days for the process to begin. Once again, I'm sorry for the delay.

Well, just when you think we've finally put this whole nightmare behind us, we hear the news:

From a APP Fraud site reader:

I just heard that David Comer had been arrested on ten counts of felony, which could carry up to 4 years in prison. Further, that the prosecuting attorney for the case in St. Charles, Missouri, was a Jack Banas.

At this point I tried to see if I could add my name to a list of those seeking restitution.

Unfortunately, since I won the civil case in small claims court, I could not be involved in this new criminal proceeding.

But it doesn't mean that you, and others, cannot.

The number for the Prosecuting Attorney's office in St. Charles is: 636-949-7355 300 N. 2nd St. St. Charles, Mo. 63301

To see the story yourself, check out - It was posted on 6/19/2004.

Hot off the press! Here is an email just received from APP! Let's see what happens from here...

This message is provided for the existing membership of APP and will be updated periodically.

I first want to thank you, the membership of APP, for your patience and your dedication that you have displayed over the past several months. I want you to know, I have worked diligently to resolve APP's shortfall in providing benefits for its members and believe that resolution is forthcoming. I have detailed what I believe will happen over the next few months and some of the changes and additions to the APP Program that will take place.

For the Members of APP

APP will begin the refund process for past due gas cards in July. We will mail out refunds via APP Company checks in the amount of $169.60 for each card that is past due. Refunds for past due gas cards will be mailed out in order of calendar date ordered. In other words, oldest cards will be mailed first. APP will be paying an additional $9.60 interest/late fee on each card that is owed; this bringing the total refund per card to $169.60. For example, if you are owed two cards, you will be receiving two checks in the amount of $169.60, each being mailed separately. The total refund process for past due gas cards will probably take 8 to 10 months to complete. Should APP be provided any additional outside funding, the refund process will be expedited.

In regard to future benefits, this will take place just as soon as APP resumes normal business. As one would expect, the Missouri State Attorneys General's office has received numerous complaints concerning APP; certainly, these complaints were warranted and have much merit due to the fact that we were forced to suspend all business, and therefore, were unable to provide ongoing benefits for our members. Some months prior to the closing of APP's offices, and virtually every day since that time, we have worked aggressively to correct APP's short fall. Due to these complaints, APP must satisfy the Missouri State Attorneys General before we can move forward in regard to the resumption of business and the provision of future benefits.

Previously, APP provided a 20% discount to its members on the purchase of the APP Gas Card. When we reopen APP will increase the discount to 25%. In other words, members will pay $150 for their $200 gas cards in lieu of $160. In the future, the New APP organization will be permitted to escrow monies for future gas card purchases, this insuring a timely delivery for all gas card orders. Members will be able to order one gas card each month; up to 12 cards annually. Previously, members could order up to 15 cards annually at the 20% discount rate.

The new APP gas card will be delivered in 18 to 22 days from date of order and will be good at most gas stations (95% +) nationwide. For your convenience, the new APP Gas Card will work at the pump, as well as, inside.

The New APP organization will extend all memberships by a like amount of time that members have not been able to order gas cards. This would equate to the amount of time APP has been closed, plus 3 months. As the example, if your membership would have expired in October of 2003, and we reopened and started taking gas card orders in August of this year, 2004, then your new expiration date for your membership would be January of 2005. (According to this scenario, we would have been unable to fulfill orders 13 months, July 03 through July 04; 13 months plus 3 months would equate to 16 months of unfulfilled order months.) Each month that we are not able to fulfill orders past the August 04 date will add a month to the proposed 16 month extension on gas card orders, as well as, the Advantage Benefits Program.

For the APP Sales Representatives (ISR's)

When APP reopens, not only will the new discount on gas card purchases be 25%, we will also add some new items to the APP Memberships that are purchased after we reopen. We will be adding new health care products that will be free, or at dramatically reduced rates. We will also be providing a new Prescription Drug Card that will save our members hundreds of dollars. We continue to work on a guaranteed issuance Health Insurance program for the members of APP; we hope to have this in place by the time we resume business. We will also be adding towing and roadside assistance; much like the offerings that "Triple A" provides for its members.

When APP resumes business we will add a new membership to the program for the ISR's to market. The new membership will include all of the benefits of the $299 membership, excepting the benefit of purchasing the APP gas cards. The new memberships will retail for $129.95 and for each sale that is made 50 points will go into the binary compensation plan. With all of the proposed editions to the program this membership will be highly marketable and will appeal to a broader spectrum of demographics, including all age groups, as well as, most income levels.

APP will enable all ISR's that have been involved in APP since we opened in January of 2001 the opportunity to renew their income center and maintain their same genealogy position they had previously. This will provide thousands of ISR's, past and present, a one-time opportunity to renew their income centers that have expired.

There will be a web site fee for all ISR's when we reopen. The first month will be free to all participants as a trial offer. Afterwards, for all ISR's, new and existing, the first 2 months will be $1.95 for each month, and thereafter the fee will be $9.95 per month.

The new 25% discount on the APP Gas Card, the new $129 membership, and all of the new additions to the Advantage Benefits Program puts APP in a position that will appeal to just about anyone of legal age. The guaranteed issue health insurance will have tremendous appeal and will be available to APP members, only. All of these benefits/programs will enable APP to experience an unprecedented growth rate. All of the changes and additions, collectively, will enable APP to prosper and to move forward in the development of a very profitable and long term organization that will benefit many in the years to come.

In order to better communicate APP's plans, I will be communicating this same message to all of the State Attorneys General's offices. I ask/suggest that you communicate this message to those that you have personally sponsored; I will continue to post up dates at this web address,

Well it's about time! My hope is that all of us will be able to recover our money so we can finally close the book on this nightmare. Once everyone has received their refunds, I'll be very happy to shut this site down for good! :)

October 10, 2004 - I NEVER did receive a call, email, letter, reply in any way from the Missouri AG! :(

June 4, 2004 - STILL no word from the Missouri AG. Typical.

May 28, 2004 - Still no word from the Missouri AG.

May 24, 2004: I am once again trying to seek assistance from the Missouri AG's office. Here is what I sent today:

Dear AG Nixon,

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am a former ISR of the now defunct American Petroleum Promotions (APP) who is representing a large group of former ISR/customers who were victimized by APP and it's founder, C. David Comer.

I have created and maintain a website for former ISR's, to provide them with information on how they can file a complaint to recoup their losses from APP and Comer.

This problem involved hundreds, if not thousands of ISR's who purchased "Pre-paid" gas cards ($160.00 each) but were never delivered! APP and Comer accepted the payments, kept the money, and never sent out the cards.

Additionally, each member paid $299.00 for a year's membership, but never refunded them for the remaining months they had in their memberships.

I am pleading with you to at least check out the website, read the stories people have written in the guestbook, see what these people have been going through! Why is Comer being allowed to steal these people's money?

I thank you in advance for your time, and hope that you will assist all of us in bringing this man to justice!

Well, let's see what happens! :)

I received some interesting information from a reader that I thought you'll find helpful. If anyone has any information they'd like to share, please send me an email or post it in the guestbook. (link to the guestbook is below) As always, thank you to everyone who has visited the site and has provided information and updates on our "situation". Trust me, my heart goes out to every one of you and your families. I'm very confident that we'll prevail one way or another. Stay tuned!

Oh, I forgot to mention that as of today, May 20, 2004 I still haven't received a reply from APP or Comer regarding the letter I sent to him...What a shock!

Reference Comer's personal cell phone it is: 636-734-0438 - Happy dialing!

Here is the message received on the APP Fraud site guest book:

4.29.2004 I actually called into the Monday morning conference call to see where things stand or if he was still holding them. On the call he said they are in the process of completing financing to get APP back up and running with the assistance of a private investor. He also stated that he is working in conjunction with the Missouri Attorney General to assure that when and if this comes together that it is to the A.G. offices liking.

I am only stating what Comer said on the call and do not support him and his efforts to potentially dupe more hard working folks out of their $$$. Part of his plan once the financing is in place is to payback/refund all gas cards that were not mailed out in two steps. 50% immediately will be paid then six months later the remaining 50%. According to the plan they will also pay interest of about $9 per card ordered. IF, and I do mean a big IF, one of the past members wants to purchase new cards they will be able to purchase them for $150 for $200 in gas. The membership will be extended by 14 months or something like that.

This is what he discussed on the call. I brought up questions during the call - some of which he answered at that time, some he asked me to call him on his business phone line. I called and spoke to him one-on-one for about 30 minutes. He realizes that he got in way over his head and that he can't payback any monies without the new deal. With that said a class action suit may be the only way we could at least get a judgment in our favor if this financing "deal" does not go through. But even with a judgment we may never be able to see our money if it is not their.

I hope you find this helpful and if you haven't already tried calling him I encourage you to do so.

Good Luck, Clay

April 26, 2004 - I wish I had some good news to report to you all. The middle of last month I sent off yet ANOTHER letter to the O'Fallon, MO address. Received no replies, phone calls, emails, nothing! I don't think anything short of a class action lawsuit or some people driving down to pay a personal visit to Mr. Comer will produce a response from APP.

Still have some other plans in the works, folks. At this point, I think I'd like to ask all of you to get all of you proof of purchase info, membership materials, etc. together along with your name, address, and phone number ready. I'll explain more later. Still need to get some questions answered. I'm going to plead to the Missouri Attorney General again. Maybe if a larger group of people ban together, we can recoup some of our losses. Of course, this will require cooperation from everyone. What do you people think about this?

Hang in there! Rob

Be sure to check out the guestbook! We've been receiving a lot of good information from readers out there. The only way we are going to get through this is if we all share our information and stick together!

Special thanks to a reader who has supplied us with Mr. Comer's very own cell phone number! I hope he doesn't go over his minutes!

Special thanks to a viewer who supplied a "new" address for American Petroleum Promotions (APP)!

American Petroleum Promotions, Inc. P.O. Box 907 O'Fallon, MO 63366

March 13, 2004

UPDATE: We've been receiving lots of feedback from people all over the country. All of us have been ripped off by APP and David Comer - taken advantage of, for our money, our time, our word...

At this point, we need to be patient and keep our ears and eyes open for any contact information on APP and David Comer. Not only did they close their doors to regroup, but they closed them and moved out! Phone lines, fax lines, everything disconnected - with no information where to go for contacting APP or Mr. Comer. Even their website and email addresses were yanked!

If you have any information you want passed along, feel free to send me an email or go ahead and post it on the guestbook. If you're going to send it to the guestbook, please don't waste everyone's time by not verifying the information first. Don't post rumors or things that can't be verified. We need facts, especially when it comes to the pending lawsuits he stacking up against him.

Stay tuned!

APP Advantage recently sent out the following email to it's APP members:

October 28, 2003

Dear Member,

While you have no doubt already heard the unfortunate news about APP Gas, what you may NOT know is that APP Advantage is provided by an entirely different company. That's why you have still been able to use this valuable benefit program uninterrupted.

You see, APP contracted with our company, PerksClub, to create a customized consumer discount program for their representatives--something we have done for numerous other organizations. We hope you have had the opportunity to enjoy these benefits at our special web site, Perhaps you are one of the many who have saved hundreds, even thousands of dollars by taking advantage of this valuable program that was provided free of charge to all new APP reps.

Though APP's decline left many of you in difficult situations, it also affected us as well. For one thing, we were not compensated for providing memberships to literally thousands of APP reps that we still supported in good faith. Plus, to make matters worse, we were often mistaken for APP corporate and therefore faced the complaints and questions from the many disappointed and angry reps who had trusted their investment to APP.

Because we would never let the mistakes of one of our corporate customers negatively affect our benefit club members, we continued to provide the APP Advantage membership to tens of thousands of individuals just like you at our own expense. It was just one small way we felt we could lessen the impact that APP's failure would have on its faithful reps.

Well now we are coming to you to let you know that your APP Advantage membership has expired, and because of the circumstances you have faced we are offering you the chance to renew your benefit program membership for another full year for a one-time payment of just $19. Normally we market this program nationwide for $79 per year, but we do not feel comfortable extending this rate to our APP Advantage members because we know first hand what you have been through over the last several months. Nonetheless, we can not continue supporting these memberships at our cost beyond the one-year we have already fronted at our expense. So we are basically providing you the chance to renew for a year at slightly over our costs, a nominal $19.

If you have enjoyed your APP Advantage membership, and would like to renew, or if you haven't fully taken advantage of the program but would like to in the future, simply reply to this e-mail with a preferred contact method (e-mail or phone), and we will contact you about renewing. Please accept our thanks in advance for your continued understanding as we face this difficult situation together.

Catrina Foisy Member Services

Here is the email that started it all...

6/28/2003 June 28, 2003 Subject: Letter from David Comer Dear APP Members & ISR’s: Effective immediately, all business will temporarily cease at APP. APP is going to take a two month hiatus and will resume business on September 1st. Due to the down trend in sales APP is forced to temporarily suspend business and to consolidate it’s efforts to better serve it’s members and sales representatives for the future. APP plans to reemerge as a viable business entity to provide products and services for many years to come. In the mean time, effective midnight, June 26th, no orders for product will be accepted. That means we can not take orders for memberships, gas cards, or sales aids. We will resume taking orders and servicing APP members and sales representatives on September 1st. In regard to gas card orders that have not been filled, we will also resume this service on September 1st, as well. In regard to fulfillment for future gas card orders, those orders also, will resume on September 1st. Please be assured, all gas card orders will be filled. APP will satisfy that obligation as soon as possible. Please understand, there is absolutely no intent to not satisfy those benefits that you have purchased. Weekly updates on gas card deliveries and other news will be available on the APP office phone line. There will also be updates on the APP web site. I will be happy to participate in orchestrated conference calls with leaders and their down lines (large groups of 100 or more) to better explain our situation. Leaders should make contact with David Comer and to plan for these calls. I look forward to resuming business and to building a program from those things that we have learned over the past 2 ½ years. Best regards, David Comer

Here is another...

7/1/2003 July 1, 2003 Subject: Letter from David Comer Dear APP Members & ISR’s: I wanted to reassure you that APP is not out of business. Our offices are only TEMPORARILY CLOSED. There are a few that are spreading false rumors to our entire organization. Please let us know here at the office who is telling you that we are not going to reopen. On another matter, in regard to any months that our members are not able to order cards, i.e., July & August, they will be able to order those cards in September. We hope to announce a new card platform for the APP gas card. The platform will run on the credit system enabling the APP gas card to be utilized at about 98% of the gas stations here in America. More up dates will be forth coming. Thank you, David Comer

...and another one...

7/2/2003 July 2, 2003 Subject: Letter from David Comer Dear APP Members & ISR’s: I wanted to reassure you that APP is not out of business. We have only suspended operations, temporarily. If you should hear anything contrary, please let us know who has provided you this conflicting information and we will be glad to reassure them of APP’s future. You can send this information to us at: Please put “rumors” on the subject line. We will be posting up dates on all issues on or before July 15th. Up dates will be posted on the web site, here on the office phone line, as well as, via e-mail. In regard to new gas card orders that would be missed during the months of July and August, we can take those orders during the months of September and October. In regard to the APP Advantage benefits, those benefits will continue even though our offices are temporarily closed. Between July 15th and September 1st we will be making some great announcements. I look forward to that period and I hope you do, as well. Sincerely, David Comer


7/15/2003 July 15, 2003 Subject: Letter from David Comer Dear APP Members & ISR’s: A brief update on what’s happening at APP. We continue to communicate directly with individuals that have called our office, or have e-mailed our customer service department. We are answering, or have already answered, all communications received by US Mail. Our target date for reopening is August 15th to September 1st. We will most likely begin filling orders for cards that have already been purchased before we reopen and commence business on a regular basis. Many have asked about renewals for the months of July and August, we will take those renewals in September. We have finally gotten official approval for our new gas card. This means that our new APP gas card will run on the credit platform as opposed to the existing debit platform. Our new APP gas card will work at most (95%-98%) gas stations in the U.S. We will announce in the next couple of weeks a delivery date on our new card. In our continued effort to communicate with those in the field, we continue to have conference calls with our APP leaders that wish to discuss plans for our reopening. Since APP’s announcement of June 27th, much has been communicated by way of APP’s leadership conference call line. If any of you leaders want to gather your down lines together for a conference call simply call me direct for a prearranged time. I ask that you please be patient a little longer. APP will reopen and grow to be a very strong company that will benefit hundreds of thousands nationwide. Thanks to so many of you that have been so tolerant. Cordially, David Comer

...and more...

8/4/2003 August 4, 2003 Subject: Letter from David Comer Dear APP Members & ISR’s: Presently, we have a problem with our DNS registration for the APP website. The problem has been resolved, but due to the distributed nature of internet DNS, the changes will take some time, approximately 24 to 72 hours. This will affect not only our website, but e-mail address in theAPPGas.Com domain. Sorry for the inconvenience. Cordially, David Comer

...we're coming to the end of all communications from APP now...

8/16/2003 Dear APP Members & ISR’s: As a brief follow up to last nights e-mail I would like to address a couple of issues. First, I have gotten a multitude of calls and letters from ISR’s asking to be “Leaders” in the APP program. Well, what constitutes a “Leader?” Do you have to have 15 years experience in network marketing? NO! Do you have to have 10,000 people in your down line? NO! I would define a leader as one that has the ability to utilize the skills that he or she has acquired in their lives and use those skills at a level that would enable them to succeed at what ever endeavor they had before them. One that has the ability to persuade and to influence which just about includes everyone in our organization. The more successful in life simply work a little harder, much more intensely, and with a greater level of desire to succeed. Doesn’t require “Rocket Science,” simply requires good ole fashioned, “work.” The question is this, “how bad do you want to succeed at what ever you have before you? You see, most anyone can be successful in APP. So, if you have a desire to be a leader in the APP program, contact us at or, write me a letter and you should to do this immediately. ISR’s should be designing their down lines and prepping for renewals. There will be at least 40,000 members & ISR’s available for renewal when we reopen. Secondly, I continue to get complaints about previous APP ISR’s raiding your down lines. Unfortunately, we simply have to accept this and move on with business. This is a product of network marketing and we will deal with these issues as time permits. I would suggest that you not permit this to affect your focus on your business and realize that sometimes you just have to work a little harder to combat those opposing influences that come before you. Lastly, I suggest you continue to make contact with those in your down line, as well as, focus on new prospects. I wish all of you nothing but the best in all that you do and strive for in your personal lives and APP. Cordially, Dave Comer

October 30, 2003:

As of this date, there has been no further information received from APP, David Comer, or for that matter, anyone from my upline. The phone numbers for APP's home office have been disconnected. Their fax line has been disconnected. Their website has been taken off-line. APP is not answering letters sent by mail or by email. The email address was still working about two weeks ago, because the emails sent were not returned. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

November 16, 2003 - From out of the blue, we received this email from David Comer. I was so surprised that I wondered if it's legit. I'll let you be the judge.

November 15, 2003

Subject: Letter from David Comer (APP)

Dear APP Members & ISR's:

Soon we will have a definitive date for commencement of business at APP. We will be informing our members and ISR's of the additions to the APP program, as well as, some opportunities for some of those ISR's that have permitted their income centers to expire.

APP will reopen as a newly recapitalized company prepared to "go the long haul." It has always been my desire to build an organization that will be here for many years to come and a company that would benefit thousands all across America. With your help, there is no limit to what APP can accomplish. I talk with ISR's in the field everyday, there are thousands that still want to build a business in the APP program and want to see APP succeed. APP will offer a benefits program that focuses on a 20% discount on gasoline utilizing the new APP universal gas card that runs on the Discover platform, a program unlike any in the market place, today.

There are many working on their down lines preparing for the reopening of APP. I am so grateful for your patience and understanding as we go through this period in our business. ALL ISR's (since Jan. 2001) will have the opportunity to renew their respective income center and to rebuild their business utilizing the down lines that they built. We will do everything humanly possible to make up for the lost time and energy, energy and dedication that came as a result of much work by the ISR's.

All APP memberships will be extended by at least 5 months. In other words, all active members will have an additional 5 months to order gas cards. If your membership expired while we were closed, it also will be extended by at least 5 months. Hopefully, this will help make up for the time that we were unable to accept gas card orders over the past several months. Your APP Advantage benefits will be extended, as well.

We still have the APP conference call on Mondays at 10 AM, central time. This conference call is for all members and ISR's of APP. The calls usually last 15 to 30 minutes and most often are quite informative. The call number has not changed, it's still: (620) 294-3000 Pin 139l#. APP has a new mailing address: P.O. Box 907, O'Fallon, MO 63366. .

I will be sending out new communications via e-mail informing every one of our new office phone number. Additionally, we will be sharing information each Monday on the APP conference call. Many have changed their e-mail address; so, please forward this communication to your down line.


David Comer

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