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My website currently does not have a privacy policy, except for the following information.

The only information I collect is: how many pages on the site are hit each day. I do not post this information anywhere else. Only Angelfire and I know the total number of pages hit per day, and I do not share that information with third parties.

I don't know where you came from, and where you go after you leave my site. I don't know where you live. I don't know what you had for dinner last night. This is just an ordinary basic little website. You visit and if you're thinking "Zzzzzz" or "Forget this @#$&" or "Actor? Musician? Writer? Pfft. She better not quit her day job!" you leave, and that's it.

If you're not clear about copyright issues, please visit "What is copyright?" or the link Copyright at Library of Congress. That should explain anything that might be considered "terms of agreement" while you visit my site. Copyright 101 in a few words: You can take my ideas, but not my words. Visit those links for more detailed information.

The host for my site is That site has its own privacy policy and terms of agreement so please review that information should you have questions about Angelfire's policies.

If you have any questions please e-mail me at vaxmin at aol dot com.