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Al-Anon - For resources on how to interact with a loved one who has an addiction.
The ARC of the United States - Information about individuals who have disabilities.
The Bible - Great site for everything you want to know about the Bible.
Court Appointed Special Advocates - Provides mediation services between abused children and the court system.
Kempe Foundation - Resources and support for abused children.
Los Angeles Police Department - I grew up in the Los Angeles area in the 1970s, and often saw the police going about their business.
Los Angeles Police Foundation- Support for the LAPD.
National Alliance on Mental Illness - Information and support.
National Autism Association - Information and support.


Robin Cook - The original medical thriller writer.
James Ellroy - He writes about the Los Angeles of my childhood.
Diana Gabaldon - Pick up "Outlander" and enjoy the magic.
Gary Jennings - One of the best experiences I ever had was reading "Raptor." It's unusual and disturbing yet well-written.
Jonathan Kellerman - A gifted writer: every word counts; great imagery; excellent plots.
Stephen King - I once told someone that Mr. King will be considered one of the greatest American writers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. I was asked sarcastically, "That horror writer? Held in as much esteem as Mark Twain and Edgar Allen Poe and F. Scott Fitzgerald?" In 2003 he was awarded the National Book Foundation's "Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters."
David Lebovitz - Sometimes I wish I could be him, but it wouldn't work. I don't have as much passion for cooking as he does. I enjoy the fantasy vicariously through his books and website.
William Stillman - An inspirational gentleman who has Asperger's Syndrome.