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Music is slowly making sense again. For a while, I could only listen to a few songs at a time.

One playlist: Russian National Anthem, and a Russian folk song named "Katyusha."

Another playlist: : "One" by Bee Gees, "Levitating" by Dua Lipa, and "I Need To Know" by Mark Anthony. Once in a while I would add "Shape Of You" by Ed Sheehan.

For a few weeks I could only listen to Maroon5's "Sugar" repeatedly and didn't get tired of it for a long time.

One Direction's "One Thing" is always fun to listen to, either once or about seven to ten times in a row. Depends how long the dishes take, and if there might be more housework or perhaps a long drive and privacy so I can sing badly to it.

One terrible Friday morning in April I listened to "Will You Be There" by Michael Jackson and wept until I thought I would die. Much later, someone may have seen me clutching a treasured item, and asked if I was okay. I denied everything and said I was fine. Sometimes in life you have to suffer and be silent about it and lie about it, too. So I did.