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Copyright 2015 Christina M. Guerrero


If I had become a professional musician when I wanted, I would be semi-retired by now, and providing lessons, and contributing to music awareness charities around the world. It would have been a great life. I think of the young girl I was ... a girl who believed that those around her wanted to see her happy, and to see her excel at something she enjoyed. She believed she could trust others with her dreams. She did it anyway, by herself, on her own, and knows the joy of a life, so far, well-lived. The journey of being what you want to be is eternal, and can never be taken away, no matter what happens. You will end up doing it anyway.


I was exhausted recently, and while doing my best to wrap up a few things, the music began. It's a combination of ear-worms and a type of perfect pitch. The music starts randomly and I can hear the songs I love, as if listening to the radio or an iPod. I rocked out, smiling, to the beat of one song. I can turn it off or on, depending on what is going on around me. It's a skill common to musicians, and I'm proud to be among them.

* * * * *
Every once in a while I want to stop a conversation and say, "Could we please talk about music?" But not everyone cares about the topic.

* * * * *
Saw a solid gold guitar pick. No way of stealing it. Gonna have to order it and pay for it. In my dreams. Actually, I'd love a silver guitar pick a lot more. Gold is beautiful, but it's just not me.


One of my least favorite things to do is changing the strings on my guitar. I prefer to have someone else do it, so I can get to know the music scene. It's almost time, and I'm looking forward to getting to know my fellow musicians.

* * * * *
It's rare to have a conversation with someone who truly appreciates music. When it happens, it's a treat.

* * * * *
Haven't stolen a guitar pick in a long time. I like the ones I own, and will probably stick with that brand.

* * * * *
Stevie Ray is still kicking my ass.


In the face of grief, music is an old friend, but not the same as my Love being around, and the two of us holding hands and chatting. Music fills up too-quiet times, and gives me something to work on, and practice, but it's not the same as my Love.

* * * * *
There's nothing like playing "I Love Rock N Roll" full blast, with the strings ringing out in glorious harmony, and hitting that last power chord, and letting it fill up the empty spaces with its lingering happy sassy E major joyfulness.

* * * * *
My apologies to SRV, Chris Layton, and Tommy Shannon for posting "Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Cheeseburger Hold The Mayo" during a recent trending hash-tag on Twitter called "Fattening 90s bands."

* * * * *
Missing Stevie. Every spring, I feel the loss. Not sure why it happens in the spring. He was born in October and died in August . I mourn him as if I knew him personally, but I was never fully aware of him until just a few years ago, long after he died. RIP.

* * * * *
As always, my disabilities sometimes get in the way of practice, but I doubt it shows. I've worked with the dudes for so long that we all know our places and can adapt to one another as we work together in the journey of being a musician.


Once you learn it, you don't lose it entirely. No matter what tries to take it away from you. It stays with you. Believe in the magic!!!