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Concert update:
Paid for two: Journey/Def Leppard twice
Saw seven for free: A bunch of bands at several festivals

After a full year of practicing three to four times a week, anywhere from half an hour to an hour at a time, I'm still having trouble switching from G to G7.

I can see myself performing in a band and arriving at a G to G7 chord change. The rest of the band will be moving on as ... I ... ever ... so ... slowly ... rearrange ... my ... fingers. Eons will pass. After the show I'll get a pink slip. Then the rumors will start. People will laugh at me when I show up for auditions.

The problem with this chord change is that the G chord is across the neck of the guitar; G7 is more up and down. Also, if I were playing the G chord correctly -- with the middle, ring and pinkie fingers of my left hand -- the transition would be easier: simply lift the pinkie and lower the index finger.

I'll work on this but I'm not optimistic about 1. playing to the beat with my current G to G7 fingering (I can't remember if I was taught this fingering or if I chose to do this on my own), or 2. making my fingers flexible enough to do this correctly.

I look forward to being unemployed in the music business.


Concert update: None since late 2005

During the past month, I've practiced the guitar between five and ten times. Real ambitious, eh?

That explains why I can't keep up with CD guy. I do my measly practice sessions, then put in the CD, and try to play along with this dude, and he leaves me in the dust. And we're only playing "Lay Down Your Head, Tom Dooley" - the simple version.

I better stick to my day job as an intrepid newspaper clerk/aspiring writer.