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Concert update:
Paid for three: Backstreet Boys, Etta James, Green Day

For way too long I was quite lonely. I worked during the day, and wrote my novel in the afternoons and evenings, spent time with friends and family, went out once in a while.

But I still felt lonely. The lack of a musical instrument in my life was making me miserable. I couldnít eat ... couldnít sleep. I felt very sad that my keyboard was in storage a long way from my apartment, along with all my sheet music. I wondered if I would ever see my little (actually quite big) Yamaha again.

Then one day I couldnít take it anymore. I saved up a tiny bit of money and went to a guitar store, where a salesman helped me find an instrument that would be be a good fit and comfortable for me to use. I went home with a tan Alvarez guitar in its own case. Once I got that sweetpea home I was no longer lonely.

Since last summer, Iíve struggled while relearning the guitar, which I first learned from 1981 to 1982, and played fairly well from 1982 to 1986, when I abruptly decided to leave the first guitar with a neighbor before a long-distance move, and then never sent for it. Back then, I learned a little bit of classical music and could play well by finger-picking, but have since forgotten all that stuff.

So far Iíve mastered the G, C, D, D7, C7, F, A, Em, and B7 chords. I can also play a simple bass rythmn and an alternating bass rythmn.

Before getting well into my Acoustic Guitar Primer, I got too excited and checked out sheet music from the library: Backstreet Boys, Eric Clapton and the Beatles. The BSB stuff was easy, as were the Beatles's melodically simple yet lyrically meaningful songs. Clapton was a challenge. Iíll check him out again when Iíve mastered the rest of my primer.

Iím not so sure this is the right guitar for me. Some of those fancier chords require a lot of stretching of the fingers. My little hand can only go so far.

Practiced only one day this week, due to holiday shopping taking up the rest of the week.