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Copyright 2016 - 2023 Christina M. Guerrero


This is for Caleb. Rest In Peace. You are cherished and deeply missed.

This is also for The Others, Hayley, Garance, Christopher, Carter and Martin.


This began as a dream during a snooze.

I experienced the dream with interest and with a bit of sadness.

I wrote an article about the dream, posted it on my site, and let it simmer for a while.

At the end of 2016, during the holidays, Martin returned,
standing on the west side of Manhattan, with a full story to tell.

This is his story.


The chapter numbers are subject to change.

As with some intermediate drafts, these chapters may contain errors, typos, and inconsistencies.


Except for the first section of the prologue, and the interludes, this is a work of fiction.
The rest is either a product of the author's imagination, or used fictitiously.
Any resemblance to real persons, places, things, or events is coincidental and unintentional.


Copyright 2016 - 2020 Christina M. Guerrero


PROLOGUE, FIRST SECTION - Martin - Thoughts while falling asleep. Which led to a short story. Which led to a novel.

CHAPTER ONE - The English Rose - Martin in love.

CHAPTER TWO - The Mooch Message - You may think words don't matter. But they do.

CHAPTER THREE - Congratulations - Time to celebrate. Or is it?

CHAPTER FOUR - The Heart Of Man - Who we are.

INTERLUDE NUMBER ONE - Turning A Writing Project Into A Novel - A few things to consider

CHAPTER FIVE - The Dead Thing - The green spaceship theory.



CHAPTER EIGHT part one - Their Children, Again - Life as a child.

CHAPTER EIGHT part two - Their Children, Once More - Growing up.

CHAPTER ELEVEN- A Scent Of Roses - Pondering infinity.


CHAPTER TBD - The Spirit Of A Good Man - Don't underestimate people. You'd be surprised what they're capable of.

CHAPTER TBD - G-Rated Swear Words - What pays the bills is not easy.

CHAPTER TBD - His Place Full Of Space - What makes a place a home.

CHAPTER TBD - Hallelujah - In search of the truth.

CHAPTER TBD - Recovery - The body, soul, and spirit need time to recover from injustice.

CHAPTER TBD - A Bit Of Heaven - The holidays are difficult for some.

CHAPTER TBD - Who's The Hero? - Looking for hope.

CHAPTER TBD - Zombie Caleb And The Holidays - Dealing with flashbacks.

CHAPTER TBD - The Mystery Of Spasiba - Are babies paying attention?

CHAPTER TBD - The Birth of Imagination - Making sense of an odd situation.

CHAPTER TBD - The DNA Dream - Nightmares and airplanes.

CHAPTER TBD - The Caleb With The Kids - The best of all worlds.