This page is just a list of stuff that I want, so people can look at it and not have to ask me what I want for whenever. I will remove stuff from the list whenever I get it and add stuff as I find it. The name of each item will be a link to someplace that has it, so you can see what it is. If these links are ever bad, please let me know.

Some good places to look are Deepdiscount.com, Overstock.com, eBay and Amazon.com.


TV Show Box Sets

These first few are for links for either ongoing shows or shows that I'm seriously thinking about getting (more than just wanting them like the below stuff, so I have the most current available DVD listed (although I may have it) and notes behind it on what I actually need. This is just to make it easier to find the new ones when they come out. Also things listed in this part are DVDs that I am seriously contemplating buying (or just need to have right away like Supernatural)

Click the links. If it takes you back here, I have it.

Supernatural Season 12 I need Season 12 and up.
Big Bang Theory Season 10 and up
Arrow: The Complete Fifth Season I need Season 5 and up.
The Flash: Season 3 and up
Grimm: Season 6 and up



Other Stuff