Music playing: L'ame Immortelle - Leaving

ShadoWere is the little brother of CyberWere. Of course then he wasn’t named ShadoWere. He had to earn his name, as was the family custom. He idolized his older brother and tried to be like him as he was growing up, but alas although he had the same blood coursing through his veins and the same penchant for violence, he had not the cybernetic skills of his older brother. He tried and tried but there was just no matching the CyberWere. He would always be in his shadow if he tried.

One day when he was sitting by himself contemplating on how he could improve his cyber skills a darkness started to creep over him and out of reflex he reached for his reflection on the computer screen and pulled himself into the umbra. He did not know it then, but that is just what was expected of him. In doing so he played right into the hands of the darkness which had sneaked up on him. He was taken not into the Umbra, but another umbral realm not before discovered by Garou. It was a dark and twisted realm that was a combination of the deep umbra and the dark umbra. He was to be enslaved and used as bait for his older brother by the dark lord of the realm which resided there, but this particular garou had other plans. His hand swept to his warhammer, Bjioranak, and he fought his way out of the fortress howling for Gaia to grant him strength to either destroy his enemies or to let him take out as many of them as he could before he fell. He would not be used to capture his brother no matter what it cost him.

Then a strange thing happened. An incarnia that had lain dormant in that realm had awoken by the howls of a garou in desperation. It followed the howls until it found the source, a young garou warrior. It descended upon him and raked its clawed armlike appendage across his chest and down to his hip leaving a long jagged slash from his right shoulder to his left hip as it whispered secrets, dark secrets of the shadows, into his ear that no garou had ever heard. The slash healed after that almost instantly leaving a scar of white fur behind. The scar was gone, but the secrets remained. With these new gifts his will and strength had been renewed. He lunged fourth into the fray battering his foes to the ground. He was as swift and as untouchable as the very shadows themselves. Then the lord came fourth to do battle. He charged the warrior while he was busy with some of the banelike minions swinging a klaive like the garou warrior had never seen down at his head. The garou saw it just in time and dodged back, but the klaive still caught him good across his face just barely missing taking his left eye out as it passed. He shook the bane creatures from him and charged the lord with no name. He slashed his claws down across his foe from the nape of his neck to his lower stomach digging deeper in as they went while he invoked one of his new gifts “Claws of Darkness” The nameless one fell but was not done for just yet.

The young warrior took this as his opportunity to reclaim the klaive for Gaia and make his escape. He ran off into the surrounding land to figure out how to make his way home. It took him a long time and a lot of searching. He traveled many places not before set upon by garou and learned many more gifts as he went, and eventually he found his way back home. Upon meeting his brother again he was surprised that he was not immediately recognized, until he looked at his own reflection and saw that his fur had been turned blacker than the abyss itself with exception of the scars he got from the incarnia and the unnamed lord of the realm he had finally escaped. All he could say was “Hej min bror, I am the ShadoWere”